Sunday, 26 January 2020

Another Let Down

The next in the series of 7"s that I found recently that I bought these a couple of years ago, put in a box and lost sight of...

There are some records that it is almost impossible to turn down owning more copies of, should the opportunity present itself. One such record for me is the Let Down 'Crossed Off' 7". It was released back in 2005 by Dead By 23 Records, and at the time it seemed quite difficult to get hold of. But as the years have rolled on, a few copies have come into my possession. These latest two are probably my favourite two copies of this record that I have in my collection.

The first copy is on pink vinyl, and sealed within vellum envelope that has with a DB23 logo on the front.

This copy is number 9/23.

The second copy is exactly the same, except is on clear vinyl instead of pink.

This copy is numbered 15/23.

I'm not sure if they are both part of the same run of 23 copies, or whether there were 46 copies packaged like this, with 23 on pink vinyl and 23 on clear vinyl. I would guess the former. I doubt there would be as many as 46 of these. Either way though, these look great.

I counted up and I now have 13 copies of this 7", which seems a lot, but I looked on discogs and there are way more that I don't have. It's insane. Some are numbered out of only 2 copies. There are even 4 different versions of the test press. It's insane. But every time I think i am done with this record, another copy seems to rear its head. Realistically though, I think I'm done with this one apart from a test press, which I still hope to pick up at some point.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Wake Up

Recently I 'found' a box with some records in that I purchased about two years ago, but never got around to featuring on here. So I thought I'd finally get around to posting them in the absence of anything else.

Tarpit was a band from Virginia Beach, VA who were around in the mid 00s. I ended up with one of their 7"s at some point and liked it, and have over the years managed to pick up their entire vinyl output for really cheap. And we all know that there's nothing quite so satisfying as picking something cool up for cheap.

This time I picked up two different versions of their 'Wake Up EP' from 2004:

Previously I only had a version of this with a limited cover. So it's cool to add the white vinyl (which is the only colour vinyl version) of this one to the collection. It's also nice that white was clearly the right choice for this one based on the artwork.

And I also was lucky enough to grab the test press too, which comes in an alternate sleeve:

I think everyone has a band that they like that they feel that the rest of the world completely missed or forgot about. Tarpit is one of these bands for me. They were never really huge in their day, and in some ways their sound was kinda typical of the mid 00s era, but they were really good at it. They released two 7"s, a split 7" and a full length and that's it. I've managed to pick up test pressings of all but the split 7" now, as well as colour vinyl pressings and some limited covers. Sometimes wonder what bands like this would think if they knew that some fool halfway across the world was still trying to collect their records over ten years after they broke up. I like to think they'd be stoked.

Anyway, here's a video I found on youtube of a song from their final show. If you've never heard them before then maybe invest one minute of your life to see what I'm rambling on about?

Monday, 13 January 2020

Harder They Fall x 30

First post of the new year, and in some ways there's no real change here. Here's a new version of an old Integrity record that came out at the end of last year.

Integrity originally released the 'Harder They Fall' 3 song demo in 1989 on cassette. 22 years later, Organized Crime Records put it out as a flexi disc, and then another 8 years on and it has been put on vinyl again in honour of the 30th anniversary by Backbite Records.

The b-side contains the same 3 songs, but remixed by Psywarfare (which is Dwid's noise side project). I'm not a big fan of Psywarfare generally, but I find these songs really interesting.

This was a one off pressing of 500 copies on two colours of vinyl. Both colours come with something I have never seen before - super tiny labels. They look really cool... although maybe only because they're 'different'.

The limited version was clear vinyl, out of 100 copies.

The more common colour is pink which is out of 400 copies. At the time of writing this, there are still pink copies for sale in the label's store.

And of course, it wouldn't be an Integrity post on here without a test press. This one comes in a hand drawn sleeve, and I have to say that this is possibly my favourite of all the hand drawn sleeves that I have in my collection...

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 Wrap Up

I didn't do any kind of 'end of year' post in 2018, and twelve months on I kinda regret it. The only real point of this thing these days is to serve as some kind of documentation of what I buy, and without the year-end wrap up it isn't easy to look back on a year in one handy post. So I made myself do one this year mainly so I can look back in the future.

This was a weird year for me and records. It felt like I bought fewer new releases than any other year. It also felt like I added fewer records to my collection than any other year. Both of these are partly due to the way I have been buying records the past few years. I seem to have fallen into a habit of buying records and having them shipped to a friend in the states, and then getting them shipped over months later, which means that I generally receive the physical copies of new releases months (or years!) after the release date. As a result, the timeline of this blog is all over the place. It seems like a long time since I used to receive new releases a few days after they came out and blog about them a couple of days later. So in some ways, my year-end look back has become less meaningful as the years have passed.

Regardless of the delay in receiving new releases, this year was generally a pretty good year. On the personal front, I took two large chunks of time out of work, and also had 4 holidays, meaning that I worked for 9 months of the year had a total of 3 months off.

Our house renovation also got finished, allowing me to fulfill a lifetime dream and get my very own record room... which was definitely one of the highlights of the year.

One of my 4 holidays was to NYC back in March so that I could see Into Another play again. The band were great, and I brought home circa 75 records, which gave me something to blog about for a while. But other than that trip and the records I received, I probably only received about 10 packages in the rest of the year. So this blog was pretty quiet for long periods of time.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Time to get on with the show...


When pulling together this list, I actually surprised myself, as I listened to more new releases in 2019 than I initially thought. But due to the way I buy records (as mentioned above), I don't actually have many of them on vinyl. In previous years, I have been pretty strict on only listening to records once I have the vinyl, but this year I changed that approach and just listened to stuff whether i had the vinyl or not, as I was pretty hungry for some new music. So I decided to do a list of my favourite new releases in two parts...


(Or, in text format)

01. Magic Circle 'Departed Souls' LP (20 Buck Spin)
02. Cave In 'Final Transmission' LP (Hydrahead Records)
03. Morrissey 'California Son' LP
04. Stages In Faith LP (Quality Control HQ Records)
05. Tied Down 7" (Refuse Records / Sakari Empire)
06. Tørsö 7" (Revelation Records)
07. Dividing Line 7" (New Age Records)


01. Wild Side 'Who The Hell Is Wild Side?' LP (Triple B Records)
02. Payday 'Second To None' LP (Quality Control HQ Records)
03. Antagonize 'Slip Death' 12" (Triple B Records)
04. Orville Peck 'Pony' LP (Sub Pop Records)
05. Hammered Hulls 'S/T' 7" (Dischord Records)
06. Fury 'Failed Entertainment' LP (Run For Cover Records)
07. Angel Du$t 'Pretty Buff' LP (Roadrunner Records)

Overall I've kinda cheated by doing two lists. It seemed easy to figure out which records were Number 1 on each list, although I'm not sure I could decide which of the two number 1s is my favourite. As for the rest of the entries, I could probably change the order on a weekly basis. In fact, as I look at it now it looks wrong, as I played Orville Peck way more than Payday. I guess this list more represents where I am with these things this week.


I picked up a lot of great and rare records this year. I also spent more on records this year than in any other year in my life. I guess there were a lot of opportunities that I couldn't say no to. Hopefully my bank account will be able to chill a bit in 2020. Anyway, it was difficult to pick a top 5 or top 10, so I just picked a bunch of records that I was super happy to add to my collection. There was a very clear number 1 in this list though...


This list could also be called 'stuff I don't have on vinyl but will probably get around to buying at some point in the future'.

Other than the stuff highlighted above, this list represents some of the stuff that I have spent time listening to that's old and that I only just got around to listening to in 2019 (and not bought on vinyl for various reasons) is:

Bad Brains 'Rise' & 'Quickness' LPs
Black Sabbath 'Mob Rules' LP
Drain 'Time Enough At Last' demo
Jar 'Daylight' LP
Zozobra 'Bird Of Prey' LP
Saves The Day '9' LP
Shook Ones 'Body Feel' LP


I seriously have no idea how many people still read this thing, although I'm guessing not too many. I'm mainly doing this for myself these days, but I very much appreciate anyone who does still read this. It is nice to get comments and interact with people, albeit less than I used to. But if you are still reading this in 2019 (or 2020!), I thank you!

Now, onward to 2020...

Monday, 30 December 2019

Integrity / Krieg Split

The final post in my 'catch up of the year' series. Today it's the Integrity / Krieg split 12". This was I think the first record I got this year. I remember taking photos of it in January which were low quality. I tried again a couple of months later with the same result. I've finally managed to get some acceptable photos just in time for the last post of the year.

Kicking things off with the test press in hand drawn sleeve. I have no idea who the face is on the front cover.

Next, the most limited colour vinyl pressing. The clear vinyl. As with every Relapse release, there are 100 made and they not sold to the public.

The rest of the colours are pretty ugly. This one is called 'clear with black smoke & splatter' and it is also out of 100 copies.

This is the 'Milky Clear with splatter' and there are 200 of these.

And the 'White & black merge with splatter', which is the most common colour, out of 300.

And finally, the black vinyl version. No idea how many of these exist.

It seems crazy that it took me almost a year to get this up here but that's just the way this rolls these days. Although hopefully now I have discovered a new photo taking technique, I can keep this more up to date next year. We shall see...

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Tied Down

I picked this 7" up months ago, in March I think. I tried to take photos of this one on three separate occasions, and each time they came out looking really washed out.

TIED DOWN come from the north east of England, and feature some dudes who have played in a few different bands over the decades. They play old school hardcore that doesn't really bring to mind any other single band, but if you think of Boston and New York bands from the 80s with lyrics full of anger and hate, then you're in the right ballpark.

This is really good stuff with great artwork, and I was lucky enough to pick up what I think is a complete collection.

First, the limited green vinyl pressing. This comes in the regular sleeve and is out of 110 copies.

I also grabbed the regular black vinyl which I believe is out of 390.

There were also 25 copies sold in a limited sleeve at Sweatfest back in February. I didn't go to the show, but managed to get one anyway by some miracle. According to the labels of the record, I scored number 14/25.

However, according to the sleeve, I got 'unlucky' number 13/25.

Not sure what happened there exactly, but if someone has record number 13 and sleeve number 14 and wants to swap then I'd be up for that.

Now, here's where it gets interesting, because the records sold in the Sweatfest covers are test pressings. You can tell from the labels. I've seen these labels on tests before. Lins (the 'singer' of the band) also told me that the Sweatfest copies were the tests. However, I also managed to pick up a test press in a different sleeve.

I also find it interesting that the Sweatfest copies were numbered, but the test pressings are not. I mean, surely there are fewer in this cover, right?

I saw the band play towards the end of the year supporting Judge and they were pretty tight live. They have a split 7" coming out next year and then who knows. Hopefully a full length if we're lucky.

Anyway, you can still pick up the black copy from the label HERE. The other copies are long gone.