Tuesday 9 April 2024

Making Things With Light

A couple of years ago I went through a three month pop punk phase, and during that time I listened to a bunch of bands that I hadn't really thought too much about in a long, long time. And whilst I moved on from my pop punk phase and started listening to hardcore again, I have still listened to a lot of those bands over these past two years. So when a colour vinyl Mr. T Experience record popped up for sale in the UK a couple of weeks ago, I figured I would grab it before someone else did.

Aside from the early 7"s, I haven't seen many colour vinyl LPs on Lookout! Records over the years. So this feels like a pretty cool one to have picked up. Titled 'Making Things With Light', this record is the band's third LP and came out as Lookout! number 37 in 1990. I get very nostalgic for early Lookout! releases, and I especially love the size of the label's logo on the back cover. It looks both cool and also ridiculous.

I really enjoyed the two Mr T Experience LPs that I got into a couple of years back, and this one is every bit as catchy. I'm already thinking that I need more, although there are a lot to go at. They made 12 LPs, which is a lot for any band. I imagine it could take a while to pick them off, one by one. But that's how I roll. And eventually I am sure I will get there.

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