Sunday 21 April 2024

The Second Of Too Many

A couple of years ago I had a trip down memory lane when I sold a friend's collection and ended up keeping a bunch of stuff for myself. One of the records that I really enjoyed then was the second album by a UK band from the early 90s called Senseless Things. My friends used to listen to them back in the 90-92 era, but back then I wasn't interested. But fast forward thiry years and it sounded good. Well anyway, I realised that the second album was also pressed on purple vinyl, so when I saw one recently on eBay for cheap, I decided to grab it.

'The First Of Too Many' was released in 1991, and I remember it well, because my friends were all super excited about it. From memory, this purple pressing was a second pressing, with the initial press being on black vinyl only. This copy is pretty much mint, with the sleeve still in the shrinkwrap, although sadly it is missing the 'purple vinyl' hype sticker. But I figure I can live without it for the price I paid.

When I bought this I planned to keep this one and sell the black one, but when I got them out to compare I realised that both copies have very different labels. So I thought I'd hold off selling for now.

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