Monday, 17 March 2008

Street Trash

Street Trash "Into The Wasteland" LP:

I enjoyed the 7" on My War Records a few years ago. But this LP is difficult to like. Musically I'm into it. But the record itself is a great example of why getting vinyl pressed at GZ is a bad move. The vinyl is the standard crappy splatter that GZ specialise in, so that your record looks like something a five year old would come up with if given two pots of paint. The sleeve is super thin, flimsy card that goes all limp in your hand. Even worse, it's bright pink. Oh yeah, and the insert was made on a photocopier, which I also hate, since it means its likely to stick to the sleeve at some point in the future. All in all, this thing sounds alright, but looks about as attractive as a dog that just got run over by an eighteen wheeler.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Blind Spot

Blind Spot "All This Hate" 7" on Conversion Records. I've owned this record for about fifteen years, and probably haven't listened to it since the day I bought it. My memory of it was that it was crappy. But I stumbled on this red vinyl pressing on eBay recently (my other one is blue), put in a low bid and won. I played it and it's probably worse than I remember. The drums are too high in the mix, the guitars too low, and the vocals are terrible. I will probably never listen to this again.

Youth Of Togay

I picked up the Youth Of Togay "Tossed Salad Days" LP:
Funnily enough, it was actually put out by a UK label. The vinyl is of medium quality. Better looking than the GZ product, but is a little rought around the edges (literally!).
The album itself is pretty interesting. A mix of original songs and gay parodies of several other well known hardcore songs. So we get "Banned in Tennessee" (Bad Brains), and "Get Gay!" (Get Real), as well as homosexual versions of songs by Righteous Jams, Youth Of Today, Slapshot, Champion, Project X and Mental.
The thing this has in its favour is that these dudes really are gay and are not just homophobic idiots making a joke record. Although, whether it's supposed to be a joke record or a serious record I'm not sure. Regardless, it held my attention for more than 5 minutes, which a lot of bands fail to do these days.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

3 Parcels

Today I got three parcels. The first was an order from Dead & Gone Records distro where I picked up some new(ish) releases:

I'm pleased that Revelation seem to have stopped getting their records pressed by GZ. Hopefully more labels will follow their lead.

The other two parcels were eBay wins:

The Unbroken 7" is a repress. There was no lyric sheet included, which annoyed me.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Lights Out, RZL DZL, Tarpit

Today I got three 7"s that I won from some dude on eBay a couple of weeks ago:

Lights Out 7" on Youngblood, with the Posi Numbers 2004 sleeve (#65/170)
RZL DZL 'Demo Revisited' 7" on Lockin' Out on gold vinyl
Tarpit 'Wake Up' 7" on Collapse Records, with a California Tour sleeve (out of 60, apparently)

Man, Tarpit are so good. I need to go put this stuff on my ipod...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Cross My Heart

I've had this LP for a few years now. The band is an emo rock kinda band, and the record came out in about 1999 on the Dim Mak label (owned by some dude called Steve Aoki, who is now some kind of millionaire DJ fashion type). I noticed the blue vinyl one on ebay a couple of weeks ago, put in a low bid, and won. Then the seller emailed me and asked if I would be interested in the clear vinyl one too. It was pretty cheap so I took it.

Here's some close ups that show the numbering: