Sunday 26 June 2022

Mutate Me

I'm sure I've said this a hundred times before, but I have always been a huge fan of Into Another. Yet despite listening to them since about 1993, it was in 2015 that I found out abotu the existence of one of their records for the first time. After their 'Omens' record came out in 2015, someone on instagram posted a pic of their Into Another collection, and in there was a record I had never seen before - a promo 12". I quickly found one for cheap on discogs, but then it got lost in the post. So here we are, seven years later, and I finally found another one for a reasonable price.

This 12" contains one song only, with the same song being pressed once on each side. The song is the first one their 3rd LP, 'Seemless'. It was pressed by Hollywood Records, the major label that released that album, in 1995.

This is kind of a cool little item to have, and interestingly it was manufactured in the UK. But also, I find it kinda strange that this even exists at all. I say that because Hollywood Records did not press the album 'Seemless' on vinyl. The vinyl was put out by Revelation. Hollywood only pressed it on CD. So essentially they pressed a one song 12" vinyl record to promote a CD. Weird right?

Thursday 23 June 2022

Rod Of Correction

Another Indecision Records release from a few years ago that I have only just picked up and got around to listening to, 'Lies' is the debut release of San Diego band Rod Of Correction. This was released in 2018 at a time when I had no idea or much interest in what Indecision was putting out, so I missed it. But it feels like probably a lot of other people did too, as there are still some of the green vinyl copies (100 made) available to order in the Indecision store. Crazy.

I figured I'd take a chance on this mainly based on the cover. But also because it has Colin Tappe on vocals. He runs a record store near to San Diego called Standards Records, and he released a couple of records a few years ago, one of which was a band that he was in called Crime Desire. I bought it and quite enjoyed it at the time.

I imagine that this is the kind of thing that people often refer to as 'crossover'. It's quite metal, although with these vocals I'm not exactly sure what kind of metal this would be. Not that it matters really. Hardcore, metal, thrash, crossover... this thing has riffs for days. Even though there are only 7 songs here that clock in at 16 minutes.

Monday 20 June 2022

Beyond The Ruins

Following on from yesterdays's post about No Plan, I figured that today I would rabbit on about a related older band.

Gather was not a band that I was into or even really knew about when they were active, which was 2004-07. Probably part of the reason that I wasn't really aware of them at the time is that they were an anarchist vegan straight edge band, and back then I was definitely not interested in anything like that. I think around that time I was mainly listening to Isis and 80s hardcore. Anyway, Gather was a band fronted by Eva (Power Alone, No Plan) and I decided to pick up one of their records and give it a go.

'Beyond The Ruins' was Gather's full length LP, released in 2006 by Catalyst Records, and recently repressed by Indecision Records in a very limited quantity. Indecision pressed 200 copies on vinyl, with three different colours of vinyl in a brand new cover, which I think looks great. They also somehow got hold of 50 copies of the original pressing on clear vinyl, hand stamped the labels and popped them into these new sleeves. I picked up one of the clear copies just because I think it looked the nicest. Clear vinyl is the best.

This band contains 3 of the 5 members of Power Alone, but it sounds very different. This record definitely sounds like a more typical 'vegan straight edge' band with lots of sounding way (if that makes sense). Musically this reminds me of Harvest, even down to the vocals. Eva's vocals sound very different on here to the style she has adopted in Power Alone, and whilst I think the newer vocal style works better, the vocals on here definitely suit this style of hardcore. This is a pretty heavy and dark record, and I'm happy to have finally discovered it, even if it is 16 years after it first came out.

Sunday 19 June 2022

No Plan

No Plan is a new band from Orange County that features Eva (vocalist from Power Alone). I picked this up from Indecision HQ a few weeks ago just before it was officially released, but I needed some time to play it before I posted it on here.

Unlike Eva's previous bands, No Plan play music that is more towards the melodic punk end of the scale. The band started during lockdown, with Eva and some other dude writing and eventually recording five songs that Indecision have pressed as a limited 12". There are 200 of these things made, all on dark grey vinyl.

I know that Eva is into a lot of older Bay Area punk bands, and the layout of this record definitely takes inspiration from some of the old Lookout! Records releases, especially the back cover:

So it turns out that other members have now been recruited so that No Plan can become a proper band. That said, all the members are actually in other bands anyway, so I'm not sure how much time they will be able to devote to No Plan. Time will tell I guess.

Anyway, this record is a real grower. Like so many records, I wasn't overly excited by it on the first couple of plays, but because it is pretty short I ended up playing it pretty regularly, to the point where I can now sing along with most of it... which is in my mind the measure of a good record. Hopefully things will carry on and we will get a full length at some point.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Along Came A Test Press

Back in 202o when the world got turned upside down, Tim Singer re-emerged onto the scene with a band called Bitter Branches. I picked up their debut 12" EP and really enjoyed it at the time, but not too long after it was announced that one of Tim Singer's older bands, No Escape, were going to release new material, so I wasn't sure that Bitter Branches would stay the course.

Well anyway, at some point last year it became clear that they weren't going anywhere fast, when a new 7" EP was released by Equal Vision Records. When I saw it, I ordered one instantly, because it looked so damn cool.

This two song 7" was clearly made to look just like one of the classic Sub Pop 7"s. From the bar at the top of the sleeve with the band name and song titles, the EVR logo on the front cover, the layout of the labels and the big hole in the record, this is a really well designed rip off / homage to the classic Sub Pop 7" design. I listened to a podcast about this and they mentioned that apparently Kiss It Goodbye were supposed to released a 7" on Sub Pop back in the late 90s, but then it ended up not happening. So this layout pays tribute to that.

The first song on here, 'Along Came A Bastard', is also the first song on the band's debut album, which has recently been released and which I will no doubt get around to picking up at some point in the future, whereas the song on the flipside is exclusive to this 7". And there is also a pink vinyl pressing which also looks great and which I want.

Well anyway, at some point at the end of last year Atomic Action Records also sold off a couple of test pressings of the band's debut 12" EP, 'This May Hurt A Bit', via their webstore. The price was very reasonable, so I had to grab one. It's always mildly disappointing when the label doesn't bother to make or provide any kind of sleeve for the record, but it's still a great record to have.

I listened to both of these records today in advance of writing this post, and it's made me pretty excited for the full length. I may even break my own rule and download it before I get a physical copy.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Run For Cover

Many years ago I used to religiously buy everything that Equal Vision Records put out. Through the 90s and early 00s EVR was a solid label and put out some truly iconic records, but at some point it changed and became something else. But towards the latter part of the good era, there were some releases that didn't quite fit the label's hardcore past, but I bought them anyway because it was a label I trusted. So when I bought these things I gave the bands a chance, and one release I really liked was an LP by a band called Liar's Academy. They actually had two fill lengths on EVR, but I never heard the second one as it was CD only and my money always went into vinyl. But I do really like the first LP. Well anyway, I had no idea that they had a 7" released on a small label in 2007 until I saw a test press of it for sale, and for $3 I figured it was worth picking up.

'Run For Cover' is a two song 7" that was released by an Italian label called Goodwill Records. Turns out that there were a little over 500 copies of this 7" pressed, all of which were numbered on te inside of the cover. The test press isn't numbered, but is easily identifiable as it says 'test press' where the number is on the other copies.

So after I picked up the uber cheap test press, I figured I should see if there were any regular copies for sale, and I found a green copy for £2 plus postage. Fortunately it was in the UK so postage was pretty cheap.

Thw two songs on here are pretty good and very similar to the songs I am familiar with on the first LP, and I'm happy to have scored these for practically nothing. Makes a change to get a super cheap score in the current collecting climate.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

Chewing Gum For The Ears

At the end of April I got an email from Static Shock Records telling me that a new LP by The Flex was available to order. For once, this was a new release that was immediately available with no long preorder wait. That said, the email made clear that nothing would ship for a couple of weeks. But still, this was an interesting and surprising announcement. The band's first full length was released back in 2014, and after a couple of 7"s in 2015, the band has been pretty quiet. So it's cool to see that they have come back with a new record pretty much out of the blue.

This second LP, 'Chewing Gum For The Ears' is a duel release by Static Shock Records in the UK and Lockin' Out Records in the States. The UK pressing was 1000 copies, with 300 on red and 700 on white, all of which now appear to be sold out in the label's store.

At first I wasn't overly into this. Not sure why. It just didn't sound as good as the first album. But that was the first couple of plays. After that I started to get into it, and right now this has made it's way onto my daily playlist. With ten songs over in 17 minutes it's the perfect length for a hardcore record lile this. If it were much longer my ears would probably struggle to keep up with the pummeling.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Pink Generation

I last posted a Krimewatch record about 7 months ago. At that point it seemed that the band had gone quiet, and I wasn't sure if they were still going or not. Since then time has passed and nothing has really changed. It's still unclear as to whether they are still a band or not. Given the amount of time that has passed since they last released anything, I highly doubt it. But regardless, I'm still slowly picking up their records, and I'm happy to finally scratch this one from my want list. I've been wanting a pink copy of the demo 7" pretty much since it came out, and eventually I found someone who was actually looking to sell a record rather than fund their retirement.

I have never actually seen a pink vinyl record that looks like this. It's flourescent and looks really great.

Somehow it has been almost 6 years since this Krimewatch 7" came out, so it seems nuts I have been casually trying to find one for that long. But this record brings me to the end of my Krimewatch journey as there are no more records of theirs that I need, unless anyone wants to sell me a test press of the album.

Saturday 11 June 2022

I Owe You Cupcakes

Gameface is one of those bands that I have always liked, and over time I amassed more and more of their records, to the point where I decided to start actively collecting them. I've done quite well over the years, and got lucky, and reached a point where I had picked up quite a few of their test pressings. It then started to niggle me that there were a couple of important ones that I was missing. So imagine how stoked I was to grab two of them within a few weeks of each other. Yup... prety stoked.

First up is the 'Cupcakes' 7". This one was released by Dr. Strange Records back in 1997. The test press has plain white labeks and simply comes in a white paper sleeve.

I was super happy to get this one. I had previously emailed the label to ask if they had any left, as I had test pressings of the other Gameface releases on Dr. Strange, both of which I bought on eBay somewhere around 2007. Anyway, here's a pic of it next to the regular cover just because that's what I do.

In addition to the 'Cupcakes' test press, I also managed to find a test press of the 'IOU1' 7" that came out on Revelation in 2019. This one is a little more visually interesting as it comes in a special sleeve.

The cartoon figure at the bottom iof the sleeve is Tom Petty, and he's there because the B-side contains a Tom Petty cover, 'Two Gunslingers'. The back of the sleeve is the same as back of the regular sleeve:

In addition to the test press, I also grabbed a yellow vinyl copy of the 'IOU1' 7" as I didn't previously have one. I did have the yellow vinyl copy in a limited sleeve, but I figured I also needed one in the regular cover as they are obviously 'different'.

So there I was thinking I had a complete Gameface collection, and then I realised that there were some releases that I had forgotten about. I think the biggest omission is a test press of the 'Four To Get Ready' LP, which I need to complete the set of full lengths. But there are also a couple of 7"s that came out on Equal Vision and a couple of 7"s put out by a UK label (Speedowax). So basically I'm nowhere near a complete collection. Back to the drawing board I guess...

Wednesday 8 June 2022


Sometimes I read things and they just stick with me for years, but this one kinda surprised me with exactly how many years ago it was now. Turns out that it was back in August 2009 that Doug wrote a post about a Wishingwell Records release that, at the time, I had never heard of. And here I am, almost thirteen years later, picking one up for myself. I picked it up in the States on my last trip and when I got it my first thought was 'finally!'.

Wishingwell Records is probably most widely known for putting out records by Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today, Insted, Bl'ast And Unity. But it also released a few other records that have never really been anywhere near as iconic or wel known. The 'Pass You By' 12" by Apology is definiteky one of those records. But all things considered, it's not a bad record at all. Plus it features one of my favourite things on a record - a lot of dead wax.

As Doug pointed out in his post, this kinda sounds in the same ballpark as the second Uniform Choice LP, or the Unity LP, and the photos on the back of this record kinda give hints that that's what you are going to get. I mean, check out the flowing locks on the blond dude. But I like the sound here. It's melodic hardcore (which probably isn't really hardcore at all really), and it has a very 80s sound. I find myself partly enjoying this out of some kind of nostalgia. I just like this kind of sound I guess. It reminds me of growing up and watching skateboard videos and liking completely unknown bands and not knowing who any of them were. But yeah, I would guess that I am in the minority here by liking this one, which isn't surprising since I have a habit of liking the records that are generally considered to be garbage,

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Defining The Purpose

Another week rolls around and I have another favourite record to ramble on about. Just like my previous two favourite hardcore records this year, this one was also released by Indecision Records and is not actually a new release. This one was released a couple of years ago, in 2020, which was probably a bad year for any band to release a record due to the lack of opportunity to play shows. Anyway, this record is titled 'Defining The Purpose' and is the first full length release from a band called Tuning, a melodic hardcore band from Oakland, California.

The band describe themselves as 'melodic hardcore from the bay area', but I'm not sure that's as helpful as it could be. To me, melodic hardcore conjures up different. This to me falls into a similar ballpark as One Step Closer, Mil-Spec or maybe even Modern Life Is War.

There were 100 copies of this one on white vinyl, and 400 on blue. The white is now sold out so I was pretty lucky to be able to get one.

I don't know much about this band at all. Discogs tells me that one of the dudes in the band was in Halfmast and No Reason, which is cool. But I was also surprised to find out that there are two other records by this band for me to try to acquire, one from before this record and one after. It literally never ends.