Monday, 23 March 2015

Dirty Money

Dirty Money was a UK band around circa 2007-10. In their time, they became one of the most successful UK hardcore bands ever. They put out a split 7" with Trapped Under Ice on A389 Records, and toured the US in 2009. They then played their last show in London to a packed out Camden Underworld back in May 2010, which was pretty much the most insane reception that I have seen a UK band get, either before or since.

I recently grabbed this limited cover version of their debut 7" on Dead & Gone Records, numbered out of 50 copies. I once saw this one sell for a shedload of money. I guess everyone is prepared to pay good money for a bit of Kate Moss.

Unlucky for some, number 13 out of 50.

I think there are at least two other limited sleeve versions of this one, but I'm happy enough to only own this one. I mean, is there anything more British than Kate Moss? Great cover, great record.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Take Effect

You know how sometimes you don't know that you want something until you see a picture of it somewhere? Yeah, well, that. Someone I'm following on instagram posted up a green vinyl copy of the Fuel 'Take Effect' 7" on Lookout! Records. Now, I haven't listened to this band for some time, but that photo brought them right back into my world with a bang. I then needed to grab one for myself, which wasn't actually too difficult.

Fuel were a band active in the early 90s in the Bay Area. This 7" came out on Lookout! Records, they had a couple of split 7"s on Allied Recordings and a full length that was released by Rough Trade. They sounded a lot like Fugazi. I remember when I started getting into this kind of stuff, Fuel were a band that were loved by everyone. I'm not sure why exactly, but they seemed to have that magic ingredient that meant that they clicked with everyone - pop punkers, hardcore kids, and the political and emo scene too. After listening to them and writing this, I have to wonder exactly why they called it a day.

I already own this 7" on clear. There's also a red vinyl copy out there too which I am now looking for. BUT IT'S NOT UP FOR SALE!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Front Porch Stories

Another band I have been listening to recently after not listening to them for a while is Avail. I posted up a picture of their 'Live At The Kings Head Inn' 10" for the 'january record a day' thing on instagram, and that was enough to get me playing their stuff for a few days afterwards. I then realised that I had never owned, or even heard, their final LP 'Front Porch Stories'. So I went out looking for one. It didn't take too long either.

This came out on Fat Wreck Chords in 2002. There were only 218 copies pressed on red vinyl, and despite never hearing it, it's been on my want list for a few years. I never wanted one bad enough to pay the required price. It sells for a bit as it's Fat Wreck color vinyl, and there are some kids who collect that stuff. But with this being the year of the wants list attack, I figured I would take one when I saw it.

I have to say, I have struggled to get into this one so far. It just hasn't really grabbed me yet. Having said that, I've only listened to it twice. Hopefully it will grow on me as much as the rest of the band's catalogue.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

I Am Live II

The day after my birthday this year, I woke up to an email from a friend letting me know that there was a new, red vinyl pressing of the Give 'I Am Live' 7" available to order. However, at the point I woke up, the email was already over 7 hours old, and it mentioned that there were only 45 copies in existence. I therefore assumed that when I followed the link to the Photobooth Records store, that it would already be sold out. I mean, Give are pretty hot right now. The US pressing of their LP sold out insanely quickly, so I figured 7 hours would be more than enough for 45 Give fans to add a 7" to their carts and check out. Fortunately, I was wrong and I was able to place an order.

After I successfully placed an order, I could relax. I then did my bit to help my fellow nerds out, so I emailed the link out to people who I thought would appreciate it. I think that they all managed to get one too. I'm not sure how long the records were in stock for, but it was cool how this came about and that a circle of record nerds were able to help each other out. Go nerds!