Tuesday, 28 May 2013

One Last Void Session

So there's nothing like colour vinyl to ratchet up the excitement a level or two. Some months ago (no idea when as time moves so fast these days!) Dischord Records released an LP of Void demos & outtakes. I wanted the record, but given that it was on black vinyl only it sat in the 'low priority' section of the list of records to order that exists in my head. Then recently, I became aware that it had been repressed on red vinyl. This was enough to send it flying up that list into the 'high priority' section, so I placed an order.

I'm kinda glad I didn't order the first press on black because if I did I would no doubt also want a red one, and therefore now be in possession of two copies, whereas now I only have one and I'm quite happy with that.

The same cannot be said, however, for the One Last Wish '1986' LP. I bought this when it came out on vinyl for the first time back in 2009 and loved it, even though it was only on black vinyl. Well, they recently repressed it on clear, so of course I had to buy it again.

This isn't something I am fussed about owning multiple copies of, however, so I'll probably punt my black vinyl copy at some point soon with 100 other records I plan on selling. Stay tuned.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Good For You

Here's a new release that I was quite excited about. GOOD FOR YOU is a new band designed for anyone who is partial to a bit of Black Flag. Featuring Greg Ginn on guitar, and with professional skateboarder Mike Vallely on vocals, I couldn't resist picking up their debut LP 'Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge', released by SST Records.

This isn't going to win any prizes for album cover of the year other than 'worst', but at least they made a limited colour vinyl version for the nerds. I'm not sure how many were pressed on white vinyl, but I know wasn't all of them. Based on previous SST runs I would guess at no less than 500, but it really is just a guess.

I still don't think I've listened to this enough times to properly make my mind up. I mean, it sounds like later, slower Black Flag. It's not bad by any means, but it's also missing something to get me excited. It'll probably still make my 'best of the year' list though because I'll probably only have 4 new releases to choose from the way 2013 is going.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Closed Casket Secrets

I stumbled across a UK seller on eBay who had a lot of good records up from the early 2000s. With a day to go there were some great Count Me Out records sitting at very low prices indeed. I already had them all, but figured on buying them all again as doubles to trade. Well anyway, wouldn't you know it, a day later the prices had all gone up significantly. But I spotted one item that had no bids, which had been sat on my wants list for years, as I never really wanted it badly enough to make a serious play for it. I waited until only a few seconds remained and then whacked in a bid. I was pretty happy to be the only bidder and get it for the measly sum of £2.20. Insane. You probably can't even buy a coffee in Starbucks for that (I don't drink coffee so I don't know for sure).

Anyway, the record in question is a split 12" between two bands who were active circa 2002, THE FINAL PLAN and MY LUCK. This split 12" is titled 'Closed Casket Secrets' and comes in minimal packaging. It sits in a clear plastic sleeve with a very small glossy card 'insert', and has stamped labels. I love stuff like this. Looks so DIY and yet so cool.

This is number 340 out of (I think) 500. I don't know how many CDs they made, but it seems you can still buy the CD from RevHQ for one dollar, so I guess the answer is 'too many'.

I'd almost forgotten, but I actually own a different copy of this which is numbered out of 50 and sits in a sleeve with Michael Jordan on the front. This is what it looks like:

I think I like new copy better. Sometimes less is more, as they say.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Around this time a year ago I went to see Ancient VVisdom play live in London. I had started listening to their album around Xmas time, and four months later finally got to see them live. After that I guess I suffered AVV overload as I didn't listen to the record again much for the rest of the year. But a year on, a little after Xmas this year, I realised that there was a second album that had just come out. I was then gutted to realise that there were only 90 copies on colour vinyl available, and they were already sold out at the pre-order stage which I hadn't known anything about. Damnit.

Well, I added it to my saved searched on eBay and eventually a copy came up. But then, like an idiot, I missed the auction end because I was in some meeting at work. But I was surprised to find that it ended without a single bid. A couple of weeks later the seller re-listed it, and this time I made sure I didn't miss out. I even managed to buy it from the same price that the label sold it for, so it was almost as if I didn't miss out after all.

The vinyl is 'clear with black smoke'. Not the most exciting colour, although it seems perfect for this release. It looks black until you hold it to the light.

The album itself is, as you may expect from a record entitled 'Deathlike', completely focused around the theme of death. Like ALL of the songs are about death. To continue the theme, the photos of the band members have been altered to look like they are half decomposed. Very subtle.

Overall I'm into this LP, although I have to say, it's not as catchy or infectious as the first one. But will definitely be in my top ten for the year.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Leave No Doubt

Back whenever it was that the pre-orders went up for the Mindset 'Leave No Doubt' LP, I didn't bother with an order. I'm not sure why exactly. I mean, I wanted it, but something stopped me actually placing an order. Might have been something to do with the fact that Hellfish were handling things, or maybe that I assumed the limited colour had sold out. Or perhaps it already had. Then again, maybe I'd just spent my month's budget already and didn't want to spend more money. I honestly don't remember. But I didn't order one and that was it. So then a couple of months later (or whenever), the LPs started to get sent out and it then became apparent that there were a couple of colours made that you couldn't even buy, which annoyed me further and made me glad I didn't try to collect this. Oh, and then a release show version surfaced. But of course, the worst thing about all of this was that every copy I saw pictures of looked great, and made me want one. Not only that, but I had downloaded the album and was really digging it. I think this is probably the best straight edge LP since The First Step 'What We Know' LP (unless anything in the last 6 years has that's better has slipped my mind). So of course, the combination of the great tunes and the cool layout meant that I was getting increasingly desperate to own one of these things. I started shopping around trying to find a copy, but it seemed to be all sold out. It reached the point where everyone in the world seemed to own one, and by this point it was really starting to annoy me. Fortunately though, it was blogger crew to the rescue as both Jake and Mike alerted me to the fact that some of the clear vinyl had been put up for sale in the React! / Hellfish store. So that was it.

The clear vinyl looks amazing. This is proper clear vinyl that almost looks like it is made of glass. Totally the best looking colour there is. The clear was apparently out of 300 copies for the European Tour.

I also love how this thing comes with an 'old fashioned' double sized insert, just like all the classic Wishingwell and Revelation LPs did back in the glory days of the straight edge youth crew scene.

And of course, when I placed the order, like a true idiot I couldn't bear to buy just one record, so I also picked up a 'red smoke' copy of the same LP. This is actually the most common colour of this LP, being out of 400. There are more black vinyl copies, but as we all know, black isn't a colour.

So now I'm in this weird position where I have two copies of this LP. I figure it would be mission impossible to try to collect all eight versions of this. But do I stop at two, or is that pointless? Maybe I should get rid of one so that I only own one? Then again, I look at Mike's photo of a complete collection and stopping here seems like something I could regret. Hmmmmmmm. It's not an easy choice.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Insted Live LP on Clear

Sometimes I buy stuff just because it's cheap. Here's a prime example. I spotted this Insted 'Live At CBGB' LP on clear vinyl on eBay with not much time left to go, and decided to bid. I figured nobody would really care too much about this and I was right. I won it for only £4.20. I usually spend that on lunch, so this felt like a good deal... although I then had to pay for postage

I bought this on blue when it first came out and was never fussed about getting other colours. But now I have two out of three it kinda seems silly not to get the third. Interestingly, I looked around the internet and found that it is still possible to buy all three brand new from the label. Gotta be tempting for anyone who lives in the States, right?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Version Number Fives

Picked up a couple of records through a message board private sale recently. One LP and one 7", one old and one new(ish), and both of which were the fifth copies of each record. I still don't have complete collections of either, but I'm slowly getting there.

First up is the grey vinyl Bridge Nine pressing of the Champion 'Promises Kept' LP. I had such an ordeal when this LP originally came out. I pre-ordered two copies and got sent only one, the dark red copy. Over time I picked up the other colours, but the grey always eluded me. I've watched several over the years and they've always gone beyond what I wanted to pay. So it's good to finally bag one.

Excluding the Dead And Gone pressing of this, I now have 5 Bridge Nine copies. I have zero interest in the reissue from last year, I'm also not really interested in the Warehouse versions, and I don't want to shell out for the tests. So I guess all I really need is the regular black vinyl pressing to 'complete' this one.

The second item I snagged was the red vinyl pressing of the second No Tolerance 7". I got all previous versions direct from the label, but somehow Sean had no red copies left. Seems weird as all the other pressings are rarer.

This now marks my fifth copy of this 7" and, just like the Champion LP, all I now need for this one to be complete is the regular black vinyl.

Kinda funny how I have never had any interest in regular black vinyl copies, but these days there are loads I 'need' to complete collections. I should probably make a list of all the black vinyl records I need and start trying to cross them off. I imagine a lot of them will be pretty cheap.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rev 25 Chicago

What a roller coaster this one was. A couple of weeks before the Rev 25 Chicago shows were scheduled to take place, the internet started to fill up with pictures of clear vinyl 7"s. Part of me wonders whether this was some kind of plot to try to sell more tickets to the event, as I heard they weren't as populated as the NYC and CA shows. Whatever the reason though, Rev collectors the world over started to call in favours with anyone they may know who might possibly be going to the show. Other sat back and confidently figured on buying leftovers from RevHQ after the event. I didn't really have a plan. I had previously figured on getting the limited colors of the Rev 25 compilation LPs from RevHQ, but that didn't happen, so there was no reason to be confident about getting these 7"s either. I crossed my fingers and hoped... and then a few weeks later, one day I woke up to see messages on the internet that the left over 7"s had gone up for sale at RevHQ, and subsequently sold out. All whilst I was asleep. The next day, apparently a few more went up for sale, and these also sold out in minutes. It looked like game over and I missed out. But then a couple of weeks ago I was on the train to work, catching up on the internet, and some good samaritan on the Rev Collectors Board had decided to let us know that there was another round of 7"s up for sale. I went straight there and placed the order on my iphone on the train to work. Ah, technology!

The only catch this time around was that you had to buy the 7"s as a part of a bundle. Here's the other stuff I got sent. Two shirts, three posters, a mug and an LP.

Aside from the 7"s, the mug was the thing I actually wanted. I thought it would sit well with the other mug that I bought like 10 years ago or whenever it may have been. I think they look pretty good together.

Oh yeah, I also got another of the Rev 25 NYC LP on clear. I guess that'll be going to eBay at some point. So here's the whole lot together:

Ok, a bit of smart work there by Rev, getting rid of all this excess, unwanted stuff by bundling it with something that people badly do want. A bit of an excuse to charge more too... although I don't think it was too bad a deal. The bundle was $60 (plus postage). Considering that a couple of days later a pack of the four 7"s sold on eBay for over $150, I was happy enough with having to pay the extra items.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

What Did We Learn?

Mark Ryan from Supertouch was selling some records on eBay recently. As you would probably expect, he had a lot of NYHC classics. There were however only really two things that really caught my attention. One was a test press of the Revelation Records NYHC The Way It Is in the original packaging it was sent to him in and including a hand written note from Jordan. The thing is, this was clearly going to go well over a grand, so I was out. The second item was a test of the Supertouch 'What Did We Learn' test press. I'd never seen one of these before or known of anyone who had one. So it seemed like a rare opportunity and I wanted it big time. I put the word out to Doug to leave it off of Vinyl Noize, then I sat and waited for a few days to see what would happen.

This didn't go too crazy. When the price started rising, it didn't accelerate too much, and with a couple of hours to go it was sitting on $202. However, when the auction was about 40 minutes from the end, I noticed that the auction listing stated that the seller did not ship to my country. Sometimes when ebay says this I can still bid, but other times eBay actually prevents me bidding, so I needed to know what would happen here. So I placed a test bid, and eBay blocked it. Fuck! I entered a panic state. After watching this for days I suddenly only had 40 minutes to come up with a plan. I emailed Mike and asked if he could bid for me. I know he usually responds pretty quickly, so I figured he would get back to me straight away and confirm he could help. He took 12 minutes though, and in that time my panic was growing. Whilst I waited, I started to think about who else I could potentially ask for help. Fortunately though, Mike was down to play the good samaritan, and asked how much I wanted him to bid. I hadn't really considered this at any point during the week. I was waiting to see where the price would go. With it sat at $202 with 30 minutes left, it was anyone's guess as to how high it might jump in the last few minutes. So I instructed Mike to bid $666. I really didn't want to pay anywhere near that much, but I expected it jump significantly in the past few seconds, and I figured that amount should be enough to beat the opposition. So the bid was placed and I watched it end 'live', and much to my relief the price didn't move too much at all. In the end it stopped at $227 with Mike's bid taking first prize. Considering one of these has never sold before, I thought that was a pretty reasonable price, and if I was a drinker I probably would have opened a bottle of champagne at that point to celebrate.

So anyway, on to the record, which I now have in my possession. It comes in a plain paper sleeve, which isn't much to look at, so I pulled out my regular version of the 7" to make the photos more interesting:

Actually, the sleeve is slightly interesting after all. I asked Mike to ask the seller to 'write something cool' on the sleeve. I'm not sure that what he came up with fits the brief, but it definitely makes it more personal.

This now brings the 2013 test press count for 2013 to 24, and my Supertouch test press count to 4. Good numbers eh?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boston Straight Edge

I've got into Instagram the past couple of months and started following a few people on there who post a lot of pictures of records. I've even got sucked into posting pictures of records myself, especially when #testpresstuesday rolls round. So anyway, a few weeks ago some dude put a picture of a No Tolerance record up and announced that it was for sale. At first I thought it was the No Tolerance 12" as the photo only showed the cover, but when I asked it turned out to be a test press of the 'Boston Straight Edge' (aka demo) 7". Even though I'd already spent my record budget for the month I decided that I should make a play for it as it was unlikely to come around again in a hurry. So that's what I did. And here it is:

As you can see, I ended up with number 12 of 12. I thought this was a pretty cool number to get... until I realised that there was something a bit fishy going on. Somehow I learnt that Regan also has number 12. Not sure what this may mean. Are there more than 12? Or did the dude numbering perhaps accidentally just miss out number 10 or 11 and number two of them as 12 by accident? Who knows? But it's annoying as it means mine is not unique.

My No Tolerance collection is looking reasonably healthy at the moment. I have most of the rare versions, although none of the regular black vinyl copies of any of the records. I guess I need them to be a completist, although I find it hard to get excited by plain old black vinyl copies of anything. We shall see.

Finally... Check out my instagram (link at the top right of this page). I don't just post pics of records, but when I do I post different pics to the ones I put on here. There's also a lot of people who post pictures of records on there. If you like looking at photos of records you should definitely check it out. It's all good fun.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Purples & Pinks

Doug recently wrote something on Vinyl Noize that is absolutely true:

Uniform Choice collectors are a special breed where if they ever made the move to acquire any color of the Screaming For Change album, they will NEVER settle for just one. Nope, they need them all.

Going back just three years, I owned zero copies of 'Screaming For Change' on colour vinyl. And here I am about to show you pictures of my fourth copy (excluding the reissue). This one appeared on ebay UK a few weeks ago and I did something that I never usually do. I made the seller a private offer. I guess it was partly the excitement of seeing these things for sale in the UK for a change. Well, fortunately for me the seller accepted and a few days later a package turned up.

This is without doubt one of the pinkest copies of this that I have ever seen. It's not easy to take a photo of and get the colour to come out as it is in real life, but I had a go.

I also pulled out my purple copy (which is a very light, more commonly seen purple) to show the exactly how pink this is.

This is one of my all time favourite straight edge hardcore records. It's pretty much perfect. So it's always cool to pick up a new version. And despite now having five copies (including the recent reissue), there are still more I need. It seems unlikely, but if anyone has a lead on a grey marble copy, or a black vinyl with poster first press, please let me know. Or, come to that, one of the 'dirty green' reissues. Get at me.

So as usual, there seemed little point buying just one record, so I also picked up something else that I had been on my want list for a while - a purple vinyl copy of the Vision 'In The Blink Of An Eye' LP. This one is quite a dark purple with some swirls and is also difficult to photograph. This first photo is a less accurate depiction of the colour, but it was the only photo I got showing the record cover so it'll have to do.

This second photo is a much closer representation of how this looks in real life. Dark purple with swirls. Very interesting.

In the reverse of the UC LP situation, I already had a pink copy. So I pulled it out to do a similar comparison photo.

And just like the UC LP, there is still scope to fill this collection out further. I kinda want a 'pure' purple copy of this one now. Probably sounds stupid, but that's record collecting for you.