Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I Bet On Sky

I've been listening to Dinosaur Jr since about 1989 or something ridiculous. I first heard them on a skateboard video ('Speed Freaks') and not long after a friend of mine managed to buy one of their records, and that was it. I've had a weird relationship with this band over the years - loving them, then not listening to them for years, then getting back into them big time. I think at this point I can safely say that I will never tire of this band. Their older records seriously never get old, and these days they are back together and still cranking out new material which sounds every bit as good as the stuff that is now 20+ years old. So I was stoked to hear recently through a post that Mark put on Facebook that there was a new album out. A week later & I was in London & popped into an actual record shop to buy a copy. This record is called 'I Bet On Sky' and I am assuming that all copies come on purple vinyl.

What I love about the artwork of all recent J. Mascis related products is that there are always some quirky characters knocking about. Take this one, for example. Very cute.

I've only listened to this one about 3 times so far, but already there are a couple of tracks that stand out. Overall though, this is not a departure from the usual sound. There are songs that remind me of the band's different eras. A couple that definitely sound like they could have been on 'Bug' or 'You're Living All Over Me', and a few that sound more like they would have been on the mid 90s major label releases. Clearly I need to listen to it more to decide exactly where I rank it in the league of Dinosaur releases, but at least I can say for sure that this is no stinker and is well worth checking out if you're a fan.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Young Republicans 'Sabotage Your Cookout'

Young Republicans 'Sabotage Your Cookout' 7". I've been after one of these since this record came out almost two years ago. At the time it was released, the limited version sold out super quick and I missed it. But I finally managed to get one for a reasonable price.

This version is the mailorder version, limited to 150 copies on red vinyl in a cloth sleeve. The intention was to make a sleeve out of something that looks like a table cloth, to continue the cookout theme. It's pretty cool.

The songs on here were recorded in 1983. This band was the precursor to Youth Of Today, containing Porcell and two other members who would go on to form the original YOT line up and record the 'Can't Close My Eyes' 7". In fact, two of the songs on here are Youth Of Today songs (well, the music is the same, but the songs have different titles and lyrics).

I took this shot just to show that the sleeve is made of cloth:

Check this picture of Porcell from the the insert. Great T-shirt!

I've only listened to this a couple of times. It's ok. Kinda sounds like you would expect really. A fun listen, but nowhere near as crucial as Youth Of Today.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I Got That Supertouch!

Back in May I stumbled across a Supertouch 'Live on WNYU' LP on purple vinyl on eBay. I immediately thought to myself 'what the hell is this?'. When the record was released, I pre-ordered from the label and got the limited red vinyl. I didn't get a black vinyl copy though which I was a little disappointed by. But that was it. So where did purple come from? I searched the internet for the label's website so I could figure out what was going on, but google found nothing. So I dug out my paypal receipt from last year and emailed the address that I paid to. I was told that the purple vinyl was a repress of 100 copies to celebrate the anniversary of the record's release. I was also told that there was also going to be a third & final pressing on gold vinyl for the Revelation 25th anniversary show. I asked if I could buy copies direct. I paid at the beginning of June, and finally today the package showed up.

Seems it took so long because it was sent to me and then at some point returned. Weird.

I had also paid for a black vinyl copy seeing as that would have been the only version I was missing. I was lucky enough to get sent this cool version. This is a record release version sleeve with an un-numbered black vinyl record inside. The record release sleeves were numbered out of 50, but this copy is not numbered. The black vinyl copies were also numbered out of 500 (numbers 201-500, as numbers 1-200 were red vinyl). Given this copy hasn't got a numbered sleeve or a numbered record, then I can only conclude that this is a left over release show sleeve and a leftover first press record. I like this concept because it makes this copy unique. I mean, how many other copies of this record out there are not numbered?

So as I mentioned, the purple vinyl is the second press, which came out a year after the first pressing. There are only 100 of these.

And here's the third & final press, which is gold vinyl also out of 100. This version was made for the Rev 25 shows, and comes with a different cover. The cover for this one is just a single piece of card.

I got what I consider to be a cool number. 100 of 100.

Also, this final pressing is the only pressing that has any kind of insert. Its just a single sheet of paper, but its an interesting little read none the less.

Combined with the red vinyl copy and test press I also own, I'm very happy with this little collection.

Oh yeah... I ended up with a spare purple copy and a spare gold copy, and I still have a spare red copy. Get in touch if interested. I'd rather trade but would potentially sell if anyone is keen to buy.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ultimate Test Delivery 3

So here's part 3 of my test press score. The 7"s. As with the first batch, none of these records came with covers, so I dug out my regular copies of the records to make the photos more interesting.

I figured I would just run through these in alphabetical order. So first up comes Revelation 89, Drowningman 'How They Light Cigarettes In Prison' 7". I remember really liking this when it came out although I must say I haven't listened to this band in a long time. But it still sounds good I have to say.

Next up is another Revelation release. This one is Rev 88, the Elliott 'Will You' 7". To be honest, I'd pretty much forgotten that Elliott released a 7" on Revelation. I need the mp3s now.

Next is Network Sound records number 8, Gathering Ground 'Figure It Out'. This 7" is a good slice of melodic mid 90s hardcore. I used to love this 7" when it came out, and again, it still sounds good today.

Next is Allied Recordings 52, a 7" by a band called God Forgot. This was a short term Dan O'Mahoney band. This is a great 7", and I always thought it kinda sounded like halfway between 411 and No For An Answer. I'm pretty sure that there was no color vinyl of this one, so the test is the only option if you want a cool, limited version.

Next, Life Records number 4. The debut release by The Hope Conspiracy. I bet that Dalbec, who released this, would be interested to know where I picked this up because I asked him if he had one a few years ago & he said he didn't.

And finally, Conversion Records number 20. The Temperance 7". This was the band's second 7". I also have a test of their first 7" on Trinity records. I think I did a trade with the dude who released the first 7" years ago for a maroon vinyl copy and he just threw a test press in for free. Stuff like that wouldn't happen these days I'm pretty sure.

So that's that. The ultimate test press delivery is done. 13 test pressings from one person in one go. An interesting score for sure and one that I doubt I will ever experience again.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ultimate Test Delivery 2

Here's the second batch of test pressings from what I am calling 'the ultimate test delivery' due to the number of test pressings I acquired all in one go from the same person.

Parcel two contained three records - one LP and two 10"s. First up the LP, which is an LP by a band called Stone Telling. This was originally recorded by a band called Free Will. It was supposed to be released on Wishingwell Records, who made up test pressings but for some unknown reason never released the LP. The band then changed their name to Stone Telling and re-recorded the songs for Network Sound. I think this was only pressed on black vinyl, so the test press is a nice one to have, although getting hold of a Free Will 'Sun Return' test on Wishingwell would be a much bigger achievement. Anyway, this test comes in a sleeve, which is just a regular Stone Telling LP sleeve.

Next up is a test press of New Age Records number 23. This is the Dayspring 'Dreamstate' 10", and like the Stone Telling test, this one also came in a regular sleeve. Once again, there was no colour vinyl pressing of this one, so the test is the only limited version you can get your hands on. I always liked the cover of this one, although I admit it's kinda weird. Reminds me a bit of Robocop.

And finally, another one for the Revelation records collection. Rev 90. The Gameface / Errortype:11 split 10". Ok, so this is far from Rev's greatest release, but it's a Rev test, and the opportunity to pick up one of those doesn't come along very often. This one does not come in a sleeve, I just fished mine out so I could make the picture a little more interesting.

Part 3 will follow in the next couple of days.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ultimate Test Delivery 1

So today saw the arrival of a pretty cool package. A mailer containing 5 LP test pressings. This is part of a deal that that took a while to negotiate. The stuff was split into a couple of parcels to reduce the risk of the whole lot going missing in the mail. Anyway, this is parcel one. Not much to look at really as all the tests are in plain white dust sleeves only.

But to make the photos a little more interesting I took pictures of each test next to the sleeve of the regular copy of the release to which it relates.

First up, Revelation Records number 95. The Elliott 'False Cathedrals' LP. This was the band's second LP. To this day I still can't decide if I prefer this or their debut LP.

Second, Revelation Records number 93. Garrison 'A Mile In Cold Water'. I really liked this back when it came out. However, this is one of those records that I imagine most Revelation fans & collectors don't give a crap about, and probably neither do any of the twelve people that even liked it when it came out.

Third, Equal Vision Records number 27. This is an LP by a band called Prema entitled 'Drivel'. For those of you unfamiliar with this release, this came out as a double LP. Despite this being one of Equal Vision's least well known releases, Steve Reddy (owner of EVR) always used to cite this as his favourite record that he put out. I met him in 2005 and he said the same to me then. I would also be highly surprised if he has changed his mind in the 7 years since then, given the kind of stuff the label puts out these days.

And last, but by no means least, Equal Vision number 39 - Shift 'Get In'. I used to love this band when they were about. To this day, I am still annoyed that they never came to the UK. This was their final LP, and one which EVR had the vinyl rights to, whereas the CD came out on some major. I am probably more stoked on this one that the others if I'm honest. Sorry.

So that was today's mail. I'll post up the stuff from parcel number two whenever it shows up. Hopefully it hasn't got lost in transit...