Saturday 24 February 2024

Light Up Ahead

A couple of weeks ago I was in a record shop over here in the UK, which is a pretty rare event. Rarer still for a UK shop, this place also had a used section. I've bought from them online a couple of times, but there wasn't much there on the day that I was in the shop. I did however find a great record for a great price that I've had on my discogs wantlist for a few years.

Restless Youth were a Dutch band active around 2004-06 ish. This was in an era when a few mainland european bands attracted the attention of US labels (others being Justice and Dead Stop). Restless Youth had a 7" released by Painkiller Records in the States, and the same record was also put out as a CD by Dead And Gone Records over here in the UK. I have that 7" but I never got around to picking up this LP, probably partly because it was black vinyl only, so was never a priority.

Interestingly, this LP has a gatefols sleeve. This was a period when pretty much every record came in a gatefold sleeve, which it turns out is because back then, the european plant could make gatefold sleeves for super cheap (someone told me this a couple of years ago).

This is such a great record. Like a lot of records from the early 00s, it holds up really well, and sadly seems to have been completely forgotten about. But if you see this for sale you should definitely grab it.

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Willem Termote said...

Yes, thus might be the case, Reflections Records created a lot of these gatefold covers as well! Of which Rise And Fall into oblivion looks like the same production, with the cut off corners for the printed inner sleeve. Great decade with lost of cool music, but less historically relevant.