Wednesday, 23 September 2009

No Justice 7"

Today's focus is the band NO JUSTICE. An awesome band that I know next to nothing about. They had one record, which was released by Underestimated Records back in about 2000. It's a really great record as hardcore 7"s go.

As with a lot of records before about 2005, I only had one version, but about a year or so ago I picked up a second version pretty cheap. Then, a couple of weeks ago found some other versions for sale on eBay. I've watched these things go for reasonable amounts before, but this time I got lucky and picked them up for a pretty decent price. Stoked.

The red vinyl is, I think, the rarest version, being out of 100 copies:

I also bagged the clear vinyl, which is numbered out of 200 and has something to do with Consequence Fanzine. It has a Consequence stamp inside. Not sure why though. Did it come with a zine does anyone know?

I also grabbed this other version with a different sleeve. I think this is the mail order version. It's on black vinyl with blank labels and the sleeve is photocopied and has an Underestimated Records logo stamped/embossed on the back.

This also has a Chicago Fest 2000 three day pass inside. Could come in handy when they invent time machines!

Apart from the test press and stupidly limited versions out of 5, this collection is pretty much there now:

If you've never heard this band, you should check this video. Total insanity. Within 30 seconds the singer has dived into the crowd twice, thrown a mic stand and knocked over the drum kit. Amazing.

Also, I ripped this 7" to mp3 if anyone wants it. Here's the link:

No Justice 7"

And finally... just thought I would mention that I have a spare of the gold vinyl version. Get in touch if you are interested.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Dag Nasty LP Pink

Revelation has always been one of my favourite labels, and still remains the label I am most bothered about, and the label I have most records from (I have 121 12"s, 68 7"s and 2 10"s - a total of 191 pieces of Revelation vinyl). And even though the output over the past ten years has been patchy, I've still continued buying up everything they put out. So, you know, I have a couple of dodgy ones.

Anyway, back in 2002, the last Dag Nasty LP came out, and after ordering two copies, I later got annoyed when I found out that there was a third colour - pink - of which there were only 36 copies.

Well, I finally just picked one up in a nice, easy trade with Nick, although the crap UK postal service is on strike at the moment, so it took about a month to get here.

Here's an updated shot of the collection:

Shown here: Pink vinyl (36), Screen printed sleeve (70), Red vinyl (264), Orange vinyl (300)

As an album, this is ok. I've heard some people describe this as a Down By Law record and I can see what they mean. This is far closer to "Four On The Floor" than "Can I Say". I guess a lot of people just wouldn't bother with it because it's a Dag Nasty LP that came out in 2002. To be honest, I wouldn't have bothered myself if it weren't on Revelation. But it's alright. There are a some alright songs on here.

What's funny is that, when I picked up the parcel, I thought to myself "there's more than one LP in here". And there was. Nick had "thrown in" a sealed Motley Crue LP as packaging. Made me laugh.

I'm not remotely interested in Motley Crue... although, having said that, I kinda have this strange desire to open this record so I can spin "Girls, Girls, Girls" and dance around like some kind of fag.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ON But Not Forgotten

Sometimes when you're a record collector you do stupid things. Like, for example, buying records you're not even bothered about. Here's a classic example. When React! Records launched the pre-order for the ON 12", I wasn't really fussed. I hadn't heard ON and I didn't really want to listen to them either to be honest. Just not interested. But then part of me wanted to order it just because React! was putting it out, and I have everything they've put out so far. I think that most collectors have something in their brain that lets out a constant message "must collect the full set". Whether it's star wars figures, coins, pieces of art or baseball cards, collectors always seem to be trying to "complete" a collection, which essentially boils down to owning everything. I know I do it, and frustratingly I can't help it. But this part of my brain starting sending me a message... "order the ON 12" or you won't have a complete React! collection". So obviously I caved in. Even worse, I ordered two copies of the thing. I got sent one blue and one black. No idea what the pressing info is on this, but I've also seen it on white.

As with every other React! release, this came with loads of little extras, like stickers, download cards and a specially printed piece of card in the mailer. I gotta say though, as much as I like these card things, this one looks particularly crap:

So after this arrived I decided to actually listen to it. Might as well seeing as I paid for it. First couple of plays it just didn't do anything for me. It kinda sounded bland. But then third time I got into a song called "More Than A Sound". To me, this sounds exactly like the final Battery LP, which I really like. So I played that a couple of times, then as a result got into the song two tracks later called "Knocked Down", which is super catchy. Then I got into the song "Vital Times" because it sounds like Lion Of Judah. So, basically, even though I wanted nothing to do with this band originally, I'm now really into them. So now I'm even thinking about picking up the white vinyl version to "complete the set". Christ.

At the same time as the ON 12" went up for order, so did a 7" by a Seattle straight edge band called Gone But Not Forgotten (there's a link to download their entire 8 song demo on their myspace page if you are interested). I felt compelled to order 3 copies of this one. I'm assuming there aren't any other colours out there other than these:

I'm into the art & layouts on this thing. Musically, I'm not sure yet. After three plays it's still sounding like generic sxe hardcore to me. Also, there's a song called "Your Words" which starts with the exact same guitar part that opens the Floorpunch LP, only played a bit slower. Not sure if I like this or not. I really want to like this, but it's not happening fast. I'd rather listen to ON at this point.

Overall though, two more solid releases from React!, which is fast establishing itself as THE straight edge hardcore label of the moment. Around this time of the year it's my edge anniversary. This year marks 15 years for me, and it's nice to see there are fellow old farts out there who still care and who still feel motivated enough to put out records and attempt to send a positive message to young kids. Keep it up, Aram!

PS The best thing about this post is that it looks like I'm gonna post up about the latest React! Records order before Mike for a change. Ha!

Also, I have just realised that this is my 201st blog entry since I started this nonsense 19 months ago. That's an average of 10.576 posts per month. Can't believe I've kept it going this long. Clearly I have no life.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Iron Age LP on "Clear"

Picked up the Tee Pee Records pressing of the new Iron Age LP. Unlike the version that the band put out (see HERE), this version comes as a single LP. When I ordered it said it was clear vinyl. Yeah right. About as clear as a glass of milk.

Comes with a little sticker on the front, which makes some pretty bold claims, but which I would say is also a pretty accurate description of this album:

Not sure how many of these things there are on "clear", but you can still order one if you want from the Tee Pee store. This is the best new release of the year in my opinion. Stop wasting time & get on this.

Monday, 14 September 2009

"It's My Confession"

Some dude has been selling some Victory Records test pressings on eBay lately. He seems to have had multiple copies of some of them. I've bid on a couple and got outbid, but one that i did win (for only $15) was this one... Victory Records number 46, the Baby Gopal LP:

For anyone unfamiliar with this LP, please excuse me whilst I rabbit on about it for a bit...

This came out in late 1996 or maybe early 1997, at a time when hardcore labels were releasing bands with a wide variety of sounds. I guess labels would release bands with people in who had some kind of hardcore background regardless of what their current band sounded like. This prticular band featured Sri Kesava (who was at the time Ray Cappo's girlfriend) on vocals. They played kinda indie pop music. They also had Graham Land on guitar, who is some dude who (I think) used to be in Shelter, Battery and Worlds Collide. I guess without these people, this band would never had got on Victory or any other hardcore label of the day.

Anyway, back in 1996 Victory was still a decent label, and I trusted their output. "Krishna themed, girl fronted indie pop? Yeah, sure, sounds good, I'll buy that". What an idiot. Mind you, I'm not the only one. Plenty of people in 1996 would buy everything that Victory released without question. Ask anyone who was around back then. If they deny it, they're lying.

One thing I immediately liked about this record was that it came on pink vinyl. What more perfect colour could there be for this bubblegum pop band?

The crazy thing is, as well as buy any old rubbish that Victory put out, I would actually listen to it! I'd also try to convince myself that I liked it... although, in most cases, I didn't need much convincing, because the records were actually good. And that's exactly the case here. I completely fell in love with this record. In doing so, I even managed to annoy my girlfriend. It bothered her that I usually listened to and liked loud screamy bands, and then I started listening to sappy, girly, pink vinyl pop music just because it came out on a hardcore label. She had a point, of course, but then again, she could never understand that the main reason that it was ok to listen to this rubbish was because it was Ray Cappo's girlfriend... and because she was hot. There was absolutely no other excuse for singing things like "let me be your stone upon the road to vraja" and "please let me live by govardhan hill". Actually, that's not entirely true. It was acceptable because the songs are so damn catchy. And even today, years later, this still sounds good and I can't help but sing along.

Now, because I am a record nerd, here's some vinyl nerdery. Most people don't know that this LP was also released by an Italian label called Banda Bonnet Records. I am not 100%, but I THINK that this version came out before the Victory version. Anyway, there are a few differences to the Victory version. The front cover is slightly less colourful, and the logo is smaller:

The back cover is completely different:

This version comes on orange vinyl and has a gatefold sleeve:

In writing this, I checked Victory's site. They still sell the CD. The band bio also says something about the band No Doubt. Suddenly it makes sense. Victory probably put this out because No Doubt blew up back then and hoped they could grab some of their market share. Ha! Oh yeah, I also found this video on youtube for one of their catchiest songs which showcases the beautiful singer pretty well:

Sunday, 13 September 2009

27 Tour 7" Test Press

Here's one that got me very excited recently... a test press of the 2003 tour 7" by the band 27:

This was the first 27 record I bought, in 2003. I didn't see them on tour. I missed them. They played with Isis. I saw Isis play at the Old Angel in Nottingham on that tour, but got there late and missed all other bands (a move I would later regret).

And even though I've been collecting Hydrahead Records since the label started, this is the first Hydrahead test press I have acquired.

The band come from Boston, MA. They are not hardcore. I spent the summer of 2004 listening to pretty much nothing else. I fell in love with this band so much that I put put their last album on vinyl (there are still some left if you are interested - see the website that i never update HERE.

Just for reference, here's what the regular record looks like:

I picked this test press up on eBay. It had a buy it now price of $20. As soon as I pressed "buy" I felt really lucky, but also a little guilty... because I felt like it would probably make Juan jealous. Sorry dude.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Consolidation Test Press

Ok, so this entry concerns a record that is very close to my heart... a 7" compilation of UK hardcore bands from the 92/93 era. This era and this record appeared at the time I was just starting to discover straight edge and the UK hardcore punk scene, and helped give me an insight into something that has both helped and shaped my life for many years now.

"Consolidation - a UK Hardcore Compilation EP" was released by Armed With Anger Records in either late 1992 or early 1993. I picked it up in late 1993. I then saw a couple of the bands play at a festival at the legendary 1in12 Club. And that was it. I was hooked.

This new addition to my collection is a test press. I just won it on eBay from the guy who owned the label that released it. There are apparently only two of these in existence. I own one and Lecky owns the other... which means that if anyone else out there wants one, they have approximately no chance whatsoever.

I also picked up a variation of the Dead Wrong 7" that the same label put out. This is the "found pressing"... which I think means that the label ran out of covers and then had to make some more. The regular sleeve was white, but this version has a red sleeve with picture glued on the front, and his hand-numbered on the inside:

I ripped both of these 7"s to mp3. I figured I would upload them in case anyone is interested. They're both 320kbps and good quality. Here ya go:

Consolidation 7"

Dead Wrong 7"

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Iron Boots Crew

Here's another Iron Boots 7" for the collection - the demo 7" release show version from Feb 2005:

I never set out to collect Iron Boots records. I just seem to stumble across them from time to time. I wonder where the next one will come from?

Friday, 4 September 2009

World In Shreds Box Set

I have mentioned previously that I used to listen to a lot of East Bay punk type stuff years ago. And recently I have been revisiting some of that stuff. Shredder Records put out a series of 7" compilations called "The World In Shreds" between 1988-1991. There were five 7"s released. I have had a couple of these on my want list for YEARS. I have never been overly bothered about picking them up, and never really chased them. But recently knew the time had come to finally pick them up when I spotted a box set on eBay.

The seller is slowly selling off the entire collection of the owner of Shredder Records. So he's sold a few of these things now. Given that there are only 36 copies in existence, I'm guessing that not many of these actually got out there originally.

Inside are all five 7"s on colour vinyl:

Volume 2 is probably the most sought-after of these records because it features the two most popular bands of the series - Crimpshrine and Jawbreaker. In fact, this records was the first ever vinyl release for Jawbreaker.

Volume 3 is one of the harder ones to find. Apparently this one was not originally pressed on colour, but they repressed it especially for this box set. However, the original plan was to make 100 box sets rather than 36. Doesn't really explain why they made 300 on colour though.

Volume 4 comes on a special colour vinyl - Obnoxio - and is hand-numbered.

Finally, the box also contains a piece written by the owner of Shredder Records about how the label, these compilations and the box set came to exist. I took a pic (in big size) so anyone interested could read it (click the pics to see them in large, readable format):

Pretty cool item I'm sure you will agree, even if you are not into this kinda stuff.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Brotherhood Swirled LP

This is one of my favourite ever straight edge records, and one of the most under-rated too - the Brotherhood 'Words Run... As Thick As Blood' 12".

Me and this record go way back. It's a story of records bought, traded, three UK scenesters and a seemingly fixed price.

I first picked this record up on on black when I was discovering straight edge hardcore in about 1993/4. Then, a couple of years later I picked up two different colour versions in a short space of time. The first was a pink vinyl copy from Tony, vocalist for ABOVE ALL. I'd been to his place and flicked through his records and known that he had it for some time, and every time I saw him I would badger him about it. But he was never interested in letting it go. I remember offering him twenty five quid for it once, which was a LOT of money for a record back then, but he always said no. But then, in the end, he sold it to me when he sold most of his straight edge records in order to finance the purchase of some Techniks turntables. The price? A tenner. Somewhere around about the same time, I remember getting a letter from Lecky telling me he had a green vinyl Brotherhood LP in his shop (the first incarnation of Wisdom Skates in Bradford). It was a Saturday morning, so I got straight on the phone to tell him I wanted it. He told me he would hold it for me. I then went into town and caught the train to Bradford to pick it up. The price? Ten quid. Sold.

At that point I had both known colours. I was happy. But then, a couple of years later, I was involved in major trading games via the Revelation trade board, and I was letting lots of things go, most notably things that I had more than one copy of. And because I had two Brotherhood LPs, I decided to let one go, which was the second press pink vinyl. The thing is, somehow I ended up trading it away for the first Throwdown LP on green. I mean, fuck me, what was I thinking? As I recall, Indecision was a pretty hot label at that point in time and Throwdown seemed to be THE new band, and the colour copies of the LP sold out super fast. So I just figured that I needed to get the LP before it started going for big money. So I let somebody have a pink Brotherhood LP for it. This remains the worst and stupidest trade I ever did beyond a shadow of a doubt. Clearly, only a total spastic would do that. But bizarrely, at the time, I was happy. Insanity.

Probably about three years later, circa 2003, luck was on my side once again when I found a pink vinyl Brotherhood LP for sale on eBay uk. This was in the days when not everyone had a digital camera and not all auctions had pictures. And because there was no picture on the auction, and it was listed on eBay uk, I knew this record was destined to be mine. As it turns out, I was right, and I ended up being the only bidder. The price? Yes, that's right - standard Brotherhood LP price - ten quid! Once again I was happy. Even better, the seller turned out to be Ian Simpson (who used to do Subjugation Records), and he lived right near me, so rather than have it sent through the mail I took a stroll down the road one evening to pick it up. Once again, I was happy.

And that's pretty much it. My history with the Brotherhood LP. Well, until recently that is, when my eBay travels had me stumble upon a listing for one of the lesser-known swirl versions, of which only 52 exist. As soon as I saw it, I decided I wanted it. So I took it. And here it is:

Unfortunately for me though, the price of coloured Brotherhood 12"s seems to have gone up a bit since I last bought one. Although, to offset that, my income has gone up quite a bit. So in real terms, the price has probably stayed pretty stagnant.

I also took a pic of it with the regular pink vinyl to show the difference, which is more pronounced than I first thought:

Funnily enough, there was a white vinyl repress years later which I was never interested in when it came out, because at the time I thought it was only made to make some new money from an old release. Except now I want one! There's also a few copies on solid (rather than clear) green. And also one with a limited silk-screened sleeve. Clearly I need to find all of these now. I mean, come on, why have one (or three) when you can have six?