Thursday, 28 February 2008

FNS Records comes good

Way back in July 2007 I ordered some records from FNS Records. Today, after 7 months of waiting, my parcel finally arrived. It was pretty poorly packed, but thankfully everything arrived in good shape. It was interesting to open, since I had completely forgotten what I ordered. So I'm not even sure if I got what I paid for or not. Still, a pretty interesting haul. Here's what I found...

Hammer Bros LP Test Press (thrown in to compensate me for the order being late, and because a couple of 7"s I wanted were out of stock):

Hammer Bros LP with screened cover (numbered out of 50):

Hammer Bros LP, regular pressing:

Hammer Bros 7" on green-ish blue-ish vinyl:

Youth Of Togay 'The Dongs We Bury' 7" regular version (the sleeve being a parody of the Have Heart 'Things We Carry' LP) and some sort of limited sleeve version:

Boston X 7" on yellow, green and blue. The green is one of only three copies (apparently):

Sub Pop Revisited

I used to listen to a few of the early Sub Pop bands way back when. Recently I've been picking up a few of those records on the cheap. As I was surfing ebay, I stumbled across the Nirvana split 7" with The Fluid. I had never heard The Fluid before, so I checked them out on myspace & thought they were pretty cool. I then managed to pick up a couple of albums for a reasonable price on ebay.

Cracked Black Paper LP on purple:

Roadmouth LP on grey:

I also picked up a Velocity Girl 7" I didn't have from the same seller:

Filling Holes

I just spent some big money filling a couple of noticeable holes in my collection.

First up, a couple of Chain Of Strength 7" variations that I could have bought from Alans in 1993 for £2 each. On the left, the 2nd press of the UK version (on First Strike records) with the red sleeve. On the right, the Mindpower Records version of the US pressing of the same record:

Next, some more important holes were filled in my Revelation collection. These will sit nicely with the yellow vinyl version I've had for the past 12 years:

I look forward to filling more holes in the near future.

Today Is A Gift

I love Rain On The Parade. It's hard to believe it's been over ten years since I first heard this band. Anyway, I managed to win one of the 7" variations I was missing on ebay recently, the record release version of the 2nd 7", with the DC sleeve:

I'm sure this will look good next to the other 6 versions of this record that I already have.