Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's The End Of A Fucked Up Year..

OK, so here's the summary of the numbers of records I picked up in 2009, all of which were covered by this blog:

And here are the numbers presented graphically:

Some observations are as follows:

- May was by far & away the most active month. I picked up 101 new records. Most of these were in one trip to buy a chunk of someone's collection.

- The second busiest month was August, where 41 records were acquired. This was once again mainly due to a road trip to buy bits from someone's collection. This was where my XClaim! Records collection officially started.

- Even though I prefer LPs to 7"s, there were only two months where I picked up more 12" records than 7" records (Jan & Oct). There were 7 months where I picked up more 7"s than I did 12"s, and three months where I picked up the exact same number of 7"s as 12"s.

Overall it was a good year for me for records. I picked up some long-standing wants. My favourite items of the year (in no particular order) were as follows:


Pitchfork 'Saturn Outhouse' 7" on clear vinyl

Bane 1st 7" Test Press

American Nightmare 2nd 7" on orange vinyl

Sub Zero 7" on blue vinyl.


American Nightmare 'Background Music' LP purple X vinyl

Black Flag 'My War' LP on red vinyl

Champion LP on White vinyl with special sleeve

Dinosaur (Jr) 1st LP on yellow vinyl

SSD & DYS LPs on XClaim!

Jawbreaker 'Unfun' LP on blue vinyl

Dag Nasty 'Minority Of One' LP on pink

Sadly, it was also definitely the year in which i bought less new releases than ever before. I guess I am growing old and growing out of touch. But there were a few great new releases to come out this year:

Pulling Teeth 'Paradise Illusions' LP

Rot In Hell 12"

Iron Age 'The Sleeping Eye' LP

Coalesce 'OX' LP

ON 'Double Vision' 12"

Bizarrely, it seems that 2009 will be largely remembered as the year of the reissue. I ended up buying several records that I already own on new colours or with different packaging. I guess this has something to do with labels not being able to make money from CDs anymore, and realising that they actually CAN sell records. Possibly the first time in about 18 years that this has been the case. Good.

Here's the list of reissues I picked up...

Bad Religion LPs on colour

Sunny Day Real Estate LPs on double colour vinyl

Mouthpiece discography LP

Unbroken discography triple LP

Carry On 12"

Rorschach double LP

Face To Face 1st LP

Embrace LP

Barfight 7" as a 12"

Dag Nasty 'Can I Say' LP

So, overall, a great year for my record collection. But the ultimate irony is that the record I LISTENED to most was one that my Dad bought me for my birthday, which isn't a record at all, but a CD. By far my fave release of the year (even though it technically came out in 2008). What is it? This:

See you in 2010!


jhulud said...

Since the 27 7" TP was not in your top fave list, you will need to send it to me. Ha ha ha.

Mike said...

Excellent post. I love the spreadsheet and chart. If I can figure out how to do that with the program that I use for my music inventory, I may need to update my end of year post.