Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Sometimes strange and cool things happen. You look back and think that maybe if you hadn't done this, or had done that, there may have been a different outcome. I've always said that the only thing that I ever seem to have good luck with is records, and this is a story of something cool that happened recently that was largely down to good fortune.

It all started three weeks ago. Out of the blue I got an email from some dude saying he had a test press of the 1st Bane 7" that he would sell if I was interested. Turns out he had typed "bane test press" into google and somehow found me! I replied immediately to say that yes, I was interested, although I wanted to know how the guy even had the record. I mean, I know that a couple of the later records on the same label only had 3 test pressings made, and i had never known anyone to have this before, so part of me worried it was some kind of elaborate scam. Anyway, the guy replied & said he used to be in a band with the guy who released this (Aaron Dalbec) who also happens to play guitar for Bane. So it all sounded legit. But then we started to talk money, and I suddenly realised I wasn't entirely comfortable sending some random stranger a load of money based on a couple of emails. Yet at the same time, I didn't want to risk losing out on the chance to get a rare record. So I realised that I needed some kind of plan...

The only idea I could come up with was to get fellow Bane enthusiast (and CEO of howsyouredge) Brian Murphy to go and collect this record in person from the seller. I did, however, worry whether this would actually work out though. Firstly, I worried that it might sound a bit cheeky to ask someone that I have never met to do me a favour like this. And secondly, I figured that Brian would himself probably quite like the record, so asking him to fetch it & then mail it out of the country felt kind of an unfair request. But I had no other ideas. So I just emailed murphy my idea & threw in some vague promise to get him some Nikes to sweeten the deal. Thankfully he went for it, and two days later he went over to see the dude & pick up the record.

It turned up in the mail yesterday. Here's what all the fuss was about:

Just a regular, bog standard test press from United. No cover, no numbering, nothing. So here's a picture of it next to the regular sleeve for the record, just because it makes it look slightly more interesting:

I would ask Dalbec how many of these exist if I thought he would have a clue. But last time I talked bane records with him his memory seemed to malfunction. So it's probably not worth it.

Also, as promised, I picked up some Nikes for murphy on my lunch break last week, and sent them over to the States. This is the first time I ever sent shoes overseas.

I wasn't sure how to describe the parcel contents on the customs form. In the end I opted for "casual shoes", figuring the package would have a lower chance of being stolen than if I wrote "dope ass sneakers".

Anyway, as well as the Bane test, I got a couple of extra items thrown in. First up, a numbered cover and CD for my Bane 'Ten Years Plus' 7", since my 7"s came un-numbered and without CDs (you can read about that HERE)

The other bonus item was an old compilation called "Soundtrack To The Revolution". In my opinion, however, this record should have been called "Soundtrack to Aaron Dalbec". This record is interesting for the following reasons. First, it is on yellow vinyl and hand numbered out of 500:

Second, was released by Dalbec's first label, Onlook Records, in 1994:

Third, it features a band called Knockdown. This band featured Tre McCarthy (of Deathwish Inc) on bass and Aaron Dalbec of Bane on guitar. It also features a band called Converge, which also features Aaron Dalbec on guitar.

I'm stoked to have picked this up. I'm also surprised I never heard of it before. But cool that I just managed to pick up a record from 1994 in 2009 because some random dude emailed me after typing "bane test press" into google. The wonders of technology never cease to amaze me.

So that's it. The story of how I came to own a Bane test press. I now have 2 of the 7 Bane tests. Only 5 more to find! Anyone who can help will be handsomely rewarded (Seb!).

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to bmurph and dickie cummings for their help with this one.



Anonymous said...

Hey...why dickie cummings? was he the one that sold you the test??

marcus said...

Maybe. Or perhaps I'm just grateful for his vocals on the Knockdown 7".

jhulud said...

Great story!

Mike said...

That is an awesome story. Very odd how the dude tracked you down, but still cool that you had the chance to pick it up.

Mike said...

I just googled "Bane test press" and sure enough your blog was the first link.

"On a separate (but related) note, does anyone have any Bane test pressings? I only have a test press of the split 7" with Adamantium. I need tests of all the other records. If anyone can help, please get in touch!"

I'm going to need to blog about needing a Floorpunch 7 inch on gold, and see what happens.

vinyl x edge said...

dude, i hate you ;( but in the good way heh. i am extremely bane freak and i am trying to collect every bane release but i've never wonder about test presses. its so expensive to be collector in country from eastern europe ;( good luck with your endless quest, mate!!!

hows yr edge said...

Glad I could help. The shoes arrived, and I'm psyched. I was a very happy Bane test press owner for nearly 14 days.

FYI: for those keeping score, that's the 2nd Bane S/T test press I have received and immediately mailed to a friend.

Chris said...

Where did you buy these Nike? I always wanted this colour!