Sunday, 9 August 2009

Iron Age 'The Sleeping Eye' 2xLP

Thew new Iron Age LP "The Sleeping Eye". There was a bit of an internet commotion when the pre-order for this one was announced. At $35 (postpaid) for a double LP, people were saying this was too expensive. Yet still it sold out in two days. And then the people who complained about the price were trying to buy one off of ebay for $50 probably. Clowns.

I wasn't lucky enough to get the pre-order. I missed it. But then, thankfully, it turned out that it hadn't sold out at all, and there were some left, and the order link went back up. So I grabbed one. And boy, am I thankful I did...

The record itself is alright. Nothing too exciting. A double LP on black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.

It comes with a nice, glossy print, which I think is really cool... except for the fact that it comes folded in half. And because it's on thick, glossy card, folding it kind of ruins it. Oh well.

I've read a lot of good reviews of this record, and rightly so. This is one of the best albums of the year (not that there are many to choose from though). I seriously can't stop playing this. At the moment I'm playing this like 3 times a day. It's just a really interesting record, and a big step forward from their first LP. There are elements of early Metallica and Black Sabbath here, as well as the Cro-Mags style hardcore influence of the first LP. It's not often a new release gets me this stoked. Believe me, you should check this out, even if you heard Iron Age before and weren't too keen.


Graham said...

Yeah that creased poster was really annoying. Looking forward to seeing what the Full Tilt World version looks like

Graham said...

Update - got the Tee Pee press of this record this morning. Looks good, comes on clear vinyl - have emailed them to find out the pressing info

marcus said...

I also ordered the other two versions.

The Tee Pee store still has it listen on clear vinyl. So I'm guessing it's not too limited, although I guess it's possible that or people are slow to jump on it.