Monday, 16 November 2009

Rot In Hell LP Test

I managed to find a test for one of my fave records of the year - the ROT IN HELL 'Hallways Of The Always' 12" on A389 Records. The only slightly disappointing thing is that it only comes in a plain white paper sleeve - I was hoping for something a little more interesting.

This marks 6 versions of this record. I'm betting that not many people can match or beat me on this one.

If you still don't have so much as one copy as this yet, please sort your life out.


Flanders Fury said...

You put some energy in this post and collection. Well done... -FF

xtwentysevenx said...

bastard, i only have 4 versions.
i don't know how many of the alternate colour of writing on the release were made but i sure haven't got one.
got all the rest apart from the test.