Monday, 21 September 2009

Dag Nasty LP Pink

Revelation has always been one of my favourite labels, and still remains the label I am most bothered about, and the label I have most records from (I have 121 12"s, 68 7"s and 2 10"s - a total of 191 pieces of Revelation vinyl). And even though the output over the past ten years has been patchy, I've still continued buying up everything they put out. So, you know, I have a couple of dodgy ones.

Anyway, back in 2002, the last Dag Nasty LP came out, and after ordering two copies, I later got annoyed when I found out that there was a third colour - pink - of which there were only 36 copies.

Well, I finally just picked one up in a nice, easy trade with Nick, although the crap UK postal service is on strike at the moment, so it took about a month to get here.

Here's an updated shot of the collection:

Shown here: Pink vinyl (36), Screen printed sleeve (70), Red vinyl (264), Orange vinyl (300)

As an album, this is ok. I've heard some people describe this as a Down By Law record and I can see what they mean. This is far closer to "Four On The Floor" than "Can I Say". I guess a lot of people just wouldn't bother with it because it's a Dag Nasty LP that came out in 2002. To be honest, I wouldn't have bothered myself if it weren't on Revelation. But it's alright. There are a some alright songs on here.

What's funny is that, when I picked up the parcel, I thought to myself "there's more than one LP in here". And there was. Nick had "thrown in" a sealed Motley Crue LP as packaging. Made me laugh.

I'm not remotely interested in Motley Crue... although, having said that, I kinda have this strange desire to open this record so I can spin "Girls, Girls, Girls" and dance around like some kind of fag.


jhulud said...

Don't be hatin' on the Crue!!! HA HA HA HA...

Alternate1985 said...

Anyone who trades with me will get one of those sealed MC records. I got like 17 of seriously, I got like 17.

Don't bother. I'm not telling.