Sunday, 30 August 2009

Face To Face Colour Reissue

Picked up the latest Fat Wreck colour vinyl reissue... the first Face To Face LP 'Don't Turn Away'. Turns out I was pretty lucky to get this as they only made 319 and they sold out in about one day.

I really should have bought two copies though, since they were selling on eBay for $50 right away.

Pretty cool that they reissued this on colour vinyl, since it was never on colour before... well, not on Fat Wreck anyway. This was, however, originally pressed on colour vinyl on Dr. Strange Records, and there were at least two different colours made back then. I got one in a good trade about 12 years ago. I think the original looks way better. Not just the colour of the sleeve, but also the labels on the record itself:

Such a good record. Funny how much I listened to this LP, yet I never heard so much as a single song that they did after this.

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Johnny Volume said...

Fat will only ship one color when you order multiple amounts...It sucks for sure.