Sunday, 25 October 2009

No 'No Control'

Years ago I used to wonder if Epitaph Records ever made colour vinyl. I figured not, since I never saw any, but then I wondered if it was so rare and old that it was just seldom seen. I remember thinking that surely Down By Law's 'Blue' LP just HAD to exist on blue vinyl somewhere. But no. The only colour vinyl they did make was the rare instances where the entire press was on colour, such as the second Rancid LP on double white vinyl 10" (I wonder which genius came up with that stupid format?).

Well anyway, Epitaph recently re-pressed some of their older titles on limited colour vinyl. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure how they decided which titles to repress, although part of me suspects it is their better sellers, so they could be confident of selling the lot. Each colour pressing is out of 300 copies, and most of the records sold out within a few hours. Unfortunately, I missed the ones I wanted, but as usual my old buddy eBay was there to help me out. I picked up two of the three colour Bad Religion LPs they made - 'How Could Hell Be Any Worse?' on red:

And 'Suffer' on orange:

The one I have had more trouble tracking down is 'No Control' on green, which seems to be selling for more, kinda suggesting that this is their most popular 'early' album, which puzzles me since I thought 'Suffer' was widely acknowledged to be their best moment. Hopefully I can grab myself a copy of 'No Control' soon enough to complete this little set.

Oh yeah, the eBay seller I picked this up from also runs some kinda online store for rare stuff, which might interest some of you fellow collectors. Most of the stuff they carry is toward the more melodic end of the spectrum, but there are a few nice items available for purchase. Check it out:

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