Thursday, 17 September 2009

ON But Not Forgotten

Sometimes when you're a record collector you do stupid things. Like, for example, buying records you're not even bothered about. Here's a classic example. When React! Records launched the pre-order for the ON 12", I wasn't really fussed. I hadn't heard ON and I didn't really want to listen to them either to be honest. Just not interested. But then part of me wanted to order it just because React! was putting it out, and I have everything they've put out so far. I think that most collectors have something in their brain that lets out a constant message "must collect the full set". Whether it's star wars figures, coins, pieces of art or baseball cards, collectors always seem to be trying to "complete" a collection, which essentially boils down to owning everything. I know I do it, and frustratingly I can't help it. But this part of my brain starting sending me a message... "order the ON 12" or you won't have a complete React! collection". So obviously I caved in. Even worse, I ordered two copies of the thing. I got sent one blue and one black. No idea what the pressing info is on this, but I've also seen it on white.

As with every other React! release, this came with loads of little extras, like stickers, download cards and a specially printed piece of card in the mailer. I gotta say though, as much as I like these card things, this one looks particularly crap:

So after this arrived I decided to actually listen to it. Might as well seeing as I paid for it. First couple of plays it just didn't do anything for me. It kinda sounded bland. But then third time I got into a song called "More Than A Sound". To me, this sounds exactly like the final Battery LP, which I really like. So I played that a couple of times, then as a result got into the song two tracks later called "Knocked Down", which is super catchy. Then I got into the song "Vital Times" because it sounds like Lion Of Judah. So, basically, even though I wanted nothing to do with this band originally, I'm now really into them. So now I'm even thinking about picking up the white vinyl version to "complete the set". Christ.

At the same time as the ON 12" went up for order, so did a 7" by a Seattle straight edge band called Gone But Not Forgotten (there's a link to download their entire 8 song demo on their myspace page if you are interested). I felt compelled to order 3 copies of this one. I'm assuming there aren't any other colours out there other than these:

I'm into the art & layouts on this thing. Musically, I'm not sure yet. After three plays it's still sounding like generic sxe hardcore to me. Also, there's a song called "Your Words" which starts with the exact same guitar part that opens the Floorpunch LP, only played a bit slower. Not sure if I like this or not. I really want to like this, but it's not happening fast. I'd rather listen to ON at this point.

Overall though, two more solid releases from React!, which is fast establishing itself as THE straight edge hardcore label of the moment. Around this time of the year it's my edge anniversary. This year marks 15 years for me, and it's nice to see there are fellow old farts out there who still care and who still feel motivated enough to put out records and attempt to send a positive message to young kids. Keep it up, Aram!

PS The best thing about this post is that it looks like I'm gonna post up about the latest React! Records order before Mike for a change. Ha!

Also, I have just realised that this is my 201st blog entry since I started this nonsense 19 months ago. That's an average of 10.576 posts per month. Can't believe I've kept it going this long. Clearly I have no life.


Mike said...

Ha ha, dude! I got mine two days ago, and I figured that I'd wait a couple of days to give you time to get yours. My cardboard insert is different than yours (and I didn't get one for GBNF, damn). Congrats on post number 201!

Alternate1985 said...

blue? WTF!? Where did you get blue? What the hell is going on right now? Well you're still missing the white. That's the one I got from React. And now I'M missing freakin blue. damnit.


p.s. I beat both you guys hahah!

marcus said...

So the rumour is that blue is the most limited colour, out of 150. I guess I lucked out again :o)

Mike said...

Wait. There is a white pressing? I'm pretty sure that I got blue as well. I'm still waiting for my Reaper Records and Powered Records pressings to arrive, but now it looks like I need a white copy as well!

marcus said...

you can still get white from the react store. limited to 250 it says.

Aram said...

Blue (150) was the band color of which I kept a few to throw into orders here and there. I still have some white copies (250) as well. I like to keep things interesting and I think adding in pretty limited stuff here in there is fun

Aram said...

Also, thanks for the support guys! I really appreciate it!!!

Mike said...

Major...major disappointment. I checked when I got home, and I actually got white vinyl...not blue. quote you Marcus, "I'm gutted".

Wade said...

i want my ON pre-order :(, hopefully a blue version will be included.