Sunday, 5 July 2009

My War Red

I distinctly remember several years ago some dude posting somewhere that his most wanted record was "My War" on colour vinyl. I remember this, because I also recall thinking to myself "You're a fool - it doesn't exist". I think this was either a wants list on the old Revelation trade board, or some old thread probably on the Revelation message board. Wherever, it was a long time ago. Anyway, now it's me that looks like the fool, because it very much does exist.

This was the first Black Flag record I ever bought, inspired by Jordan Richter's part in the classic Blind Skateboards "Video Days". Stoked to now own this on colour.

I know this record also exists on blue vinyl. Apparently "In My Head" comes on pink too. And "Damaged" on clear purple. I think that's all I need now.

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PETE said...

I borrowed this record from my friend in about 1992 & I could swear it was on orange? SST reissued all the best sellers on various colours/sizes/formats around the early 90s so there's a pretty wide selection out there. Don't think anyone has done a definitive pressing info list for SST & it doesn't seem likely... simply too vast