Monday, 9 November 2009

Dinosaur LP on Yellow

I was so excited about this one that I even boasted about having it on facebook the day I won it. Talk about tempting fate! Anyway, until this arrived in the mail this was my 3rd most wanted record. The first Dinosaur Jr LP, original pressing on Homestead Records from 1985... on colour vinyl.

I was stoked as hell to get this. Until about two years ago I never even knew this record existed on colour vinyl. Then I saw one on eBay and have been trying to get one ever since. It is quite highly sought after though. It usually sells for over $100, and indeed, a couple of weeks before I won this copy, I was watching one that went for $160 or so. Imagine then how stoked I was to get a SEALED copy for only $70!

I find it pretty amazing that a record from 1985 can be sealed. I mean, where the hell had this been hiding for 24 years to avoid being opened?

This also exists on red vinyl, although that colour seems even rarer than this one. But clearly I need to get one. Two words - never satisfied.


Los Jacklos said...

Hey man, great record. Got this about a year ago and was super stoked to complete my collection. I have the Red Vinyl as well, they are actually both Limited to 500 pressed. Although you see the yellow on eBay much more often.

narlus said...

Funny, i've never seen another colored vinyl pressing from Homestead.