Sunday, 18 January 2009

I Wish I Could Learn To Never Go Back

A couple more of the recent Dischord colour vinyl repressings turned up today, and it seems that the label continue to use an array of different pressing plants with varying results. First up is the Dag Nasty 'Can I Say?' LP on blue vinyl:

Possibly my favourite ever Dischord release, this record managed to let me down by being pressed on crappy-ass euro vinyl, which means that it comes in a paper-thin sleeve which almost bends itself in half once you take the record out. Consequently, this somehow feels like a cheap copy of a Dischord release. Very disappointing.

Next, by contrast, is the Faith / Void split LP on high quality, remastered purple vinyl:

This one has been pressed in the US. You can tell because the matrix is in handwriting, rather than courier font, and the paper dust sleeve has rounded corners. Oh yeah, and the sleeve is higher quality card. Overall this one looks nicer and feels nicer, and makes me feel that it was worth the money. And they've had it remastered, so it sounds louder. And it comes with a free download card, although I don't need this since I already downloaded the songs from the Dischord site (if you order direct they give you instant download access from their website, which is nice).

So yeah. Once again it's USA vinyl 1, Euro vinyl 0. I just wish Dischord would realise that the the US product is of superior quality and get all records pressed on home turf in future.

(Oh yeah... I picked up a spare of the Faith / Void record, so if anyone needs one, get in touch)

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Mike said...

I've never heard Faith or Void. I need to get on that.