Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A389 Gatefold LPs

Finally got my last order from A389 Records a few days ago. The whole point of ordering was to pick up the new Rot In Hell LP 'Hallways Of The Always'. It's not exactly an LP, but rather a compilation of the 7"s and some new cover songs tagged on the end that are exclusive to this record. There were two colours of vinyl, so I grabbed one of each. I don't even know what the rarest version is though. The A389 store says that splatter is the regular version, but they both look like splatter to me. Oh well.

As much as I like this band, I have to say that this record features one of the most pointless gatefold sleeves of all time. Inside is just a giant picture of the band. No lyrics or anything. The only cool thing about the gatefold is that each face has a process cross printed on top (although this is not exactly obvious):

I'm not going to talk about how good this band is anymore. If you haven't figured that out yet then I probably don't want to talk to you anyway.

When I placed the order, as usual I looked around the store to see if there was anything else that I could buy in order to make paying the postage more worthwhile. I managed to find two items. The first is a new LP by an old band called Day Of Mourning:

This band was some kind of pre Pulling Teeth band from about 1999, and features guest vocals from Dwid. And yep, this LP also comes in a gatefold sleeve:

I also picked up the Pulling Teeth 'Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions' 12". This is the first press, pre-order version with the hologram cover:

I seriously think that this may be the best record cover that I have EVER seen. Not only is the hologram itself an original idea, and really well made, but the art itself is really nice, and quite clever. This must have cost a bit to make, and this was reflected in the price... although I don't mind paying extra when you get something as quality as this. I even decided to make a my first ever youtube video to show the hologram, since I don't think that photos do it justice:

I think the fact that this cover is so damn cool means I will overlook the fact that it comes in (you guessed it) a gatefold sleeve.


Doug W said...

That Pulling Teeth record is amazing. The music is awesome from first to last song. I'm glad they slowed it down a bit too.

I was so excited when this was coming out, I pre-ordered both hologran versions from A389 and then got the Deathwish exclusive color as well later on. I just ordered the regular blue pressing too.
Maybe too much?

Alternate1985 said...

ok fine, making videos now are you...fine. Now I'm going to step it up. You just wait and see bro, Wait. And. See. It's on now.

p.s. That cover must have cost a fucking fortune to make. Jesus christ that thing is sick.

Head2Wall said...

Human Furnace from Ringworm is also on the Day Of Mourning LP. Its not a new record also its their best CD just pressed to vinyl since that was never done back in the day. Most likely one of my favorite hardcore records ever. So heavy.

breadman said...

the gatefold was supposed to have all the lyrics printed on it in the same ink as the process crosses on the eyes but for some reason the printer "forgot"
If you want a lyric sheet email me at for one.

Wade said...

i love everything about that pt release. the artwork, hologram, gatefold, vinyl colors and the actual music. fantastic all around.

Ewald said...


I'm selling a RIH - "Hallways" record release misprint with a silver sleeve... It's out of 2 and you don't seem to have it...

If you're interested shoot me an offer at ewalddeschryver (at) yahoo dot com.