Wednesday 19 June 2024

Seven Inch Single

Part 4 in my series of posts of stuff I picked up from a friend who was selling his collection last year, and this is a great example of buying a record purely for it's aesthetic beauty. I've always been a fan of records as art, and this one shows why these things are more than just soundwaves etched into plastic.

Go It Alone was a band that I always liked but never loved. But this is a great record to own purely from a collecting point of view. This is a test press of a one-sided 7″ that was given away free to anyone who pre-ordered the re-release of the “Vancouver Gold” CD on Rivalry Records.

This 7" was a kind of promo record for the band's first LP, containing 2 songs off the LP and a song from some comp. There were 400 black vinyl copies of this record and 100 clear copies with the cobra graphic screen printed on the b-side. Here's a pic of my clear copy with the test sleeve.

I remember that I bought the clear copy from eBay in the Uk and the seller didn't send the record. I managed to get a phone number for him off of eBay, and I called up and spoke to his mum. I vaguely remember her telling me that the eBay account belonged to her son and I told her that he took my money and never sent the record. I described what the record looked like and, whilst I was on the phone, she located it and promised to send it to me. I think the seller was someone from a UK band circa 2007 but I can't remember which one.


KEDS said...

incredible band. the silkscreened clear wax been on my wants list for years......

itallcomesdowntothis said...

Great score, Marcus! But I have to say, the story at the end of your post is even better, haha.