Saturday 15 June 2024

Overload Overload

Part 2 in my series of posts of stuff I picked up from a friend who was selling his collection last year, and another early 00s record I was pretty keen to get hold of was this test press for the Lights Out 'Overload' LP. Apparently this record came out back in 2005, which is somehow now 19 years ago. It's a few days over ten years since I first this record on Mike's blog, and I thought it looked rad, so I'm pretty stoked to now have one of my own.

Back in 2005 Youngblood Records was absolutely on fire. They had some great bands and some really collectible records. On average there were probably 6 versions of every record. This LP was no exception, although I 'only' have five copies as I don't believe in black vinyl unless it's a test press or comes in a limited sleeve.

Listening to this record in 2024, I can confirm that still rips after all of these years. Around the time it came out I saw Lights Out play in the UK on their Euro tour. They were really good live, but I don't think we ever heard from them again. Like a lot of good hardcore bands, after one 7", one LP and one euro tour, they called it quits.

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Mike said...

Nice! I'm glad that you have one. Still one of my favorite hardcore records EVER. So hard.