Tuesday 9 July 2024

Bent Stroke

I'm not doing too well for new releases so far in 2024. I was about to type that this record is one of the few that I have picked up, when I just became aware that this actually came out last year. Damn.

This is a split 7" by both Sunstroke and Bent Blue which came out as a split release by both War Records and New Morality Zine. I saw this one at a UK distro and figured it would be worth picking up. I haven't bought a Sunstroke record for 4 years, but back then I did listen to them a lot. Their DCesque sound is really refreshing to hear in the 2020s, although slighlty disappoiting as it contains only one new song. The other is a cover.

Well anyway, I ordered another record from a different UK distro and then noticed that they also had this 7" for sale, but on a different colour of vinyl. So I figured why not?

The other band on here, Bent Blue, I haven't really given them a chance to this point, partly due to the fact that their records look visually disinteresting. I saw them play live a couple of years ago and wasn't overly excited by them. But a couple of my friends really enjoy them so I'm sure there is something there. Again, they have two songs on here and one is a cover, so it's probably not the best platform from which to judge them. But I do like what I hear on here and it makes me want to explore them more.

Both of these colours are limited to 150 copies each. I like how they match to the artwork, and I also like how they were clearly pressed at a US plant, which seems increasingly rare these days.


Mike said...

I do love those Bent Blue records. It's been a second since I'd listened to them, but this post was a nice reminder. Thanks for that.

NicoRevealed said...

The Bent Blue cover of One Last Wish is pretty sick!