Saturday, 8 May 2021

The Way To Light

The next installment of my catch up of Rot In Hell releases brings me to a split 12" with an act called The Way To Light that was apparently released in 2016. I say 'apparently' because I can't believe that it was that long ago that I fell behind in picking up Rot In Hell records... although I know it wasn't, as I did pick up their 2017 full length. So basically I have no idea how I missed this one originally.

The Rot In Hell side features only one song, which is a cover by Scorpion Wind. I don't know about any of these Boyd Rice related bands really, but this stuff is classed as 'neofolk'.

As usual, the packaging is top quality. And the grey vinyl version is really great quality vinyl... almost as if it were pressed at a good quality pressing plant in the States.

The flipside of this split features 3 songs by The Way To Light. This is very interesting stuff. Their bandcamp page describes this as Heavily atmospheric dark folk played in the forgotten corners of the earth. Doesn't seem like a bad description to me. If I were to try to describe these songs, I'd just say that it's the kind of thing to be playing late at night with the lights dimmed, especially if you're looking to chill out. Anyway, I also picked up a black vinyl copy, although I have no idea how many were made of each colour.

What's great about Rot In Hell reocrds is the attention to detail. Notice how the inserts on this copy are white, whereas they are black for the grey vinyl copy above.

In addition to the grey and black vinyl copies, I also picked up a test press. As tests go, this one is pretty nice. It comes in a handmade sleeve, and is numbered out of 20 copies.

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