Monday, 5 April 2021

Red Army Faction

When I last posted about Redbait a year ago, and their 'Cages' 7" on New Age Records, I figured that my next post on the band would about their full length. I ended up buying 4 copies of the 7" for various reasons, which was probably 2 more than I really intended, but I enjoyed the record so no big deal.

Well wouldn't you know it, but a year on and I'm now posting about a 5th copy of this 7" that I got tricked into buying. The final 60 copies (30 pink and 30 green) were bundled into a new, limited cover and went up for sale on Christmas day. They sold out pretty damn quick.

The sleeve is a tribute to Ulrike Meinhof, a German terrorist who headed a group called the Red Army Faction. I didn't know anything about this person so I read a little online. But I can see why the band have created this sleeve, although it proved a little controversial with some.

When you ordered you could choose either the pink or the green vinyl. I went with the green purely because I already have 3 pink copies. These are then numbered on the inside of the sleeve. I got number 34/60, which is prefixed with a 'G' (presumably to denote green vinyl). Based on this I am assuming that the pink copies were numbered 1-30 and the green 31-60. Also included is a regular cover, plus 3 sheets of stickers:

The stickers are really cool. They feature cartoon versions of the band members and their cats. They're actually really well made I have to say.

The most annoying thing about this record is that I have 5 copies but no test press. It's ojnly annoying because I managed to pick up most New Age 7" test presses released in the last couple of years, but not this one. I'd be pretty stoked to get one if anyone has a lead.

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