Sunday, 28 February 2021

New Age Catch Up: Lifetime

Day 7 of the New Age Records catch up, and we've finally moved away from the third and fourth letters of the alphabet.

As well as the test pressings of the more recent releases, there was also randomly a test press of the first Lifetime 7" for sale. And just like the other tests, it was up for a really great price - less than half of the cheapest price that one has sold on discogs. SO of course, I had to grab one. It's not the most exciting of tests as it comes in nothing more than a white paper sleeve.

New Age Records number 9 was released way back in 1991. I've always referred to this as the self-titled 7" because it has nothing but the band's name on the front cover, but it seems that other people refer to it as 'Dwell' (which is the name of the first song) as that's how it's listed on discogs. People are weird I guess.

With hindsight, this is not Lifetime's best work. It may even be their worst work, as they were one of those rare bands that actually get better with time. But I always liked their early material, because it was the first I heard of them, way back when I bought records purely because of the record label they were on. I was always disappointed that this one was never pressed on colour vinyl, so I'm happy to have grabbed this test press to have some kind of 'special' version.

One final thought that made me feel old. This 7" came out in 1991, and the band's final (reunion) LP came out in 2006. That's 15 years of Lifetime releasing records. I'm writing this in 2021, which is 15 years since Lifetime's last LP. So at this point in time, Lifetime have been out of the game for as long as they were in it. Seems crazy huh?

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