Thursday, 22 October 2020

Nice Guys Finish Last

Installment 3 of my recent haul from a friend who has decided to sell his collection. The bulk of stuff I picked up is mid to late 90s stuff, and today's post is about a band that I used to enjoy but haven't listened to in a while - Yuppicide.

Yuppicide was a band from Brooklyn, NY mainly active in the early and mid 90s. I probably stumbled upon them in about 1994 when I picked up a copy of their second LP, 'Shinebox'. I don't remember exactly why I picked it up, but it was definitely one of the releases that made me start to take notice of Wreck-age Records, and in the years that followed I would go on to pick up pretty much everything that the label released.

Well, I always liked Yuppicide as they kinda stuck out from the rest of the NY bands of the time. There was just something more punk about them, partly due to the singer's (almost) english sounding accent, and the photo of the band that I have etched in my brain of the singer covered in blood. Well anyway, I picked up a couple of versions of their records for the collection.

First up is a brown vinyl copy of their first LP, 'Fear Love'. This one came out on Wreck-age Records in 1992. I have an old Wreck-age discography which says that there were 500 copies of this on multi-coloured vinyl. This one is on brown vinyl.

I already had a completely different colour copy that I have owned for many years, so I took it out to photograph the two together. Such is the luxury afforded to me by working from home.

I also grabbed a test press of the 3rd Yuppicide LP, 'Dead Man Walking'. This one came out on Wreck-age in 1995, and all things considered I think is my favourite of all their records. The test comes in a regular sleeve and has labels that I'd never actually seen before on any other record, which is kinda cool.

If you haven't heard Yuppicide before then I'd recommend checking them out, although be prepared for something a little different. I have no idea what they would sound like in 2020 to someone who had never heard them before, so maybe check this video for a song from the third LP and let me know your thoughts. (Oh, and just so you are aware, that's not some crazy tattoo on the singer's face)


dvrcboston said...

Such a great band. So underrated. Shinebox is one of my all time favorite records. Love truly is a four letter word.

Mike said...

You are saying that the face tattoo is fake, but what about those boobs...are those real?