Friday, 16 October 2020

Jealous Again Again

It seems that Black Flag records are like buses. You wait three years for one, then two come along at once. After picking up the final colour vinyl 7" that I needed (the clear blue 'Six Pack' 7"), I then managed to find the only other colour vinyl Black Flag record that I felt that I needed - the clear vinyl 'Jealous Again' 12".

I've known about this one for maybe a year or two. I lose track of time, so it's hard to say exactly, but the point is that it was only relatively recently that it came onto my radar. A fellow collector tipped me off and told me that it existed. Information on this record is pretty much non existent, but the other Black Flag collectors that I know are sure that this is a semi recent repress. I tried to contact SST Records via different channels to ask, but got no response.

I picked this up via a trade initiated via instagram. Someone I follow posted a pic of some Black Flag records, and this one was in the shot, so I sent a message asking if he would consider letting it go. I was expecting that the answer would be 'no', but the answer was more like 'i might be into trading'. A few days later a deal was agreed, and then a week or so later the record landed at my door.

As the photo shows, this is on clear vinyl. One of my pet hates in recent years is people insisting that clear vinyl is 'clear green' or 'coke bottle clear'. These terms never used to exist. Clear is clear. Sometimes it seems to have a slight green tint to it, but that doesn't make it green. It's clear, ok? [/Rant over]

To wrap this one up, a (non) interesting fact is that this is the first copy of this record that I have owned in probably 25 or 26 years. The first copy of this record I bought was the pink vinyl 10" pressing, which I bought in about 1992. I then sold it probably in around 1994/5, because I found out that the 10" pressings were just reissues of ealier 12"s or 7"s. I had 3 or 4 of the colour vinyl 10"s, but always hated 10"s, so finding out that they were not original pressings made getting rid of them an easy decision. After that I never bought another version, as a black vinyl 12" never really seemed high up the agenda. So it's great to finally pick up a copy of this record, because all things considered, I think this is probably my single favourite Black Flag record.

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