Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Condensed Flesh

I'm mainly a 90s hardcore guy. I mean, sure, I listen to a fair bit of the stuff from the 80s, but its not my era, and I don't profess to know much about a lot of it. So for years I thought that the Void 'Condensed Flesh' 7" was a bootleg. In my head I just thought that Void was a DIschord band, and figured that the 7" was a cheap knock off of some other Void record. I guess where it gets confusing is that the 7" was an official release, but then at some point there was a German bootleg of it. Maybe that's the one I saw first and so I just figured that the 7" was a bootleg. But then a year or so ago there was an official repress to mark the 30th anniversary. I saw someone post a pic of one and thought it looked kinda cool, so I made a mental note to pick one up at some point. And here we are.

This 30th anniversayr pressing was 500 copies on gold vinyl. Mine also has a nice black smudge in it that somehow makes it look cooler. There were also a few copies with blue or black labels, but the green labels (that I have) are the most common.

This one also includes a little insert that makes clear that this one is the 30th anniversary press. I think this is a pretty smart move. It's always good to do sometihng a little different with a repress to make clear that it is in fact a repress. And the artwork is rad.

It's interesting that I had always assumed that this was going to be poor sound quality as it was (in my mind) some kind of bootleg. But I was happy to be wrong abotu that too. This sounds great. And as I often mention, the length is just right, as there are 9 songs blasted through in 8 minutes or so. This is probably not an essential record, but still a fun one to own, and with another 4 colours out there, could be a fun one to collect in time. Although I'm really kicking myself for not picking up a copy sooner.


Mike said...

Interesting. I've never followed Void too closely, so while I might have had a vague recollection of this 7 inch existing, it isn't something that I'm familiar with at all. I might have to track these songs down and listen.

Nico said...

I got all versions with some weird limited ones. Great 7"