Monday, 29 June 2020

Every Last Tape

I've bought and posted a lot of Gameface records on here recently. I guess it's partly because I really like the band, and have recently realised that I just don't seem to get tired of their songs (even though most of them I have had in my life for 20-25 years), and partly because recently I also noticed that I have a lot of rare versions of their records, so I made a conscious decision to try to build a 'complete' collection.

A relatively new release is the 'Every Last Tape' 12". It compiles demos and live versions recorded in late 1998 & early 1999 of the songs that would eventually become released as the 'Every Last Time' LP on Revelation in 1999. It was released by a UK label called Unless You Try Records at the end of last year, and a few months later I finally got around to picking up a copy or four.

The label initially pressed two colours - 100 on yellow vinyl, which was in theory a Revelation records exclusive.

I say 'in theory' because I think that Rev took charge of distributing it, not selling it themselves. So other shops or distros that buy stock from Rev also had / have it for sale. By the time I got around to actually buying a copy, Rev had sold out, so I picked one up from a distro in Germany.

The second colour is referred to by the label as 'eco-mix'. I'm not sure what that means exactly. But it appears to be a maroonish brown type colour.

Interestingly, by the time I got around to realising that I needed to buy these, the label had put together a second pressing of 100 copies on 'tie dye' vinyl. There were 100 of these made, and each one is different to the others. The label put a picture on their site showing 36 copies, and I thought they looked really cool. So I decided to buy two, and asked the label to please send me two copies that were very different to each other. This is what I got:

I'm not usually a fan of splatter type records, although that's mainly the splatter vinyl that comes out of one particular pressing plant in Europe, which to me looks and feels like cheap plastic. But these records were pressed in the States, which is probably why they look kinda cool.

I'm not sure that this record really needed to exist to be honest. These songs are slightly more raw versions of the songs that appeared on the final 'Every Last Time' LP, but they're not so different that it's hugely obvious.

Well, I'd never bought anything from this label before, but they also had another Gameface record that I added to my cart, whic was the 'Regular Size' 7" from 2014. This version is on pink vinyl and numbered out of 100 copies, exclusive to Unless You Try Records.

Kinda funny that I missed this 7" completely when it came out, but in recent weeks I have managed to pick up 2 of the 4 different versions. Obviously this means that I now need the other two...

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Mike said...

That splatter vinyl does look nice! I wonder how long it will take for you to buy a couple more.