Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Always On - 10 Year Anniversary

Following on from the last post, when I was picking up the Gameface 'Every Last Tape' LP I also looked around the label's store and noticed another couple of Gameface and related records. There was the 7" that I included in my last post, and then there was also this solo LP by Jeff Caudill (singer of Gameface).

The LP is titled 'Always On: 10th Anniversary'. It's basically just Jeff playing the entire 'Always On' LP as a solo LP. And what I like about it is the attention to detail. It uses the same artwork as the original Gameface LP but with a few small changes. The first two pictures show the two releases side by side, with the original Gameface LP on the left (blue) and the 10th Anniversary LP on the right (brown).

Looking at the two covers next to each other is like a game of 'spot the difference'.

This is another example of a time when I got slightly carried away. I would have been happy with one copy of this one, but then it turned out there was a special offer with a discount price for buying all 3 versions of the LP. There were 25 triple packs available, containing a signed copy of the LP. Somehow the triple pack was available to buy, even though this record came out in 2011. Crazy.

The 3 copies are black with a signed cover, blue and clear.

The triple LP pack also came with a bonus CD 'Every Last Song', which contains 18 songs, 11 of which are covers. It is designed to look like a small vinyl record, which I actually think is kinda cool.

The CD reminds me of when Bridge 9 made smoe CDs in the early 00s which were supposed to look like colour vinyl records, except they just looked like crappy cheap CDs. Surprising that idea didn't catch on.

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