Sunday 1 October 2023

Flip Your Wigs

It's almost exactly ten years since I wrote on here about picking up a purple vinyl copy of 'Flip Your Wig' by Hüsker Dü. It must be a tradition to pick up a colour vinyl of this record in October of a year which ends in '3'. Well, sadly this isn't quite true as I received this one about two weeks ago (i.e. in September).

This album was originally released in 1985 on black vinyl only, but like a lot of SST releases, it was repressed on colour vinyl around the 1990-92 era. This burgundy vinyl version is one of 3 different coloured versions pressed at that time.

I was offered this record in a trade and was keen to find something to trade for it. I was happily and slowly collecting Hüsker Dü records and building a nice collection until the rest of the world started doing the same, and then suddenly it became super difficult to find anything for sale at a reasonable price. So it's been a while since I have added anything to my Hüsker Dü collection.

So here's this copy next to the purple copy I picked up a decade ago. These dark but clear colours look so much nicer with a lightsource behind them, don't you think? This is actually a photo which I then cropped using some basic technology. Anyway, I'm still looking for a clear pink copy, and no doubt that at this rate I'll be due to pick one up in October 2033.

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Mike said...

Did we both just post about some SST colored vinyl today? Yup!