Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Lost My Ways

So I mentioned in my last post about keeping my Supertouch collection complete, which brings me seemlessly to my next post... a Supertouch 7".

The 'Lost My Way' 7" was released ten years ago now, in 2011. WHen it came out I picked up both colour vinyl options that were available (blue and green). And then at some point not too long after, they sold two black vinyl copies in different limited covers, each out of 50 copies and only sold with some kind of shirt that made them really expensive. So I didn't buy either, and then spent the next decade trying to track them down. They limited covers were related to a couple of sites that were quite popular at the time. The first was the 'Double Cross' version, and the second the Vinly Noize version. The Double Cross version I managed to pick up in 2013, but the Vinly Noize one has taken quite a few years to land... which is slightly ironic given that I actually ended up writing for Vinyl Noize for a while.

As the picture shows, this one has a cover that is unique to this version, and it comes in a brown paper dust sleeve which is hand numbered out of 50. It's also numbered in the bottom left corner of the back cover.

This was the last version that I needed to complete my collection. So of course, this meant that I was legally obliged to get all of them out for a photo. Given I have 7 different versions, I wasn't sure of the best way to lay them out, but it kinda worked out ok.

Shown in the photo are:
Test press /15, Blue vinyl /208
Green vinyl /803, United Blood 2011 Stamp /20, Generation Records RSD 2012 cover /70
Double Cross cover /50, Vinyl Noize cover /50

I think that technically there is one that I don't have, which is a black vinyl in regular cover. But I'm not going to buy one of those. Of the 7 copies I have, 5 of them are on black, which is way more black than anyone needs in their life. Plus, one version is just a black vinyl in regular cover with a stamp on the front, so it's practically the same thing.

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Mike said...

I like this 7 inch a lot more now than I did when it first came out. I love each of those limited covers and it kind of makes me want to chase them even though I don't collect Supertouch records...