Friday, 22 October 2021

Land Of The Free

A few years ago I thought it would be fun to try to collect multiple copies of the first Snapcase 7". I had two copies for years, then picked up another about three years ago. This copy I have just picked up is my 4th copy. I'm pretty sure that this latest version is a second pressing. You can tell because the sleeve is glossy and the lettering is in a pinkish colour.

I actually owned this version before many years ago. I bought it in 1996, but either sold or traded it away a couple of years later. Seems kinda weird to be reacquiring a record I used to own over 20 years after letting it go.

When I decided to make an effort to collect these it was partly because there are quite a few different colours and I thought it would be fun. But admittedly, it's been slow progress. They don't actually seem to come up for sale very often. But also, there are a few colours of this that are ridiculously rare and hard to find, which means I'm probably not going to get very far with this one. So maybe I've reached the end of the line with this one already.

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Mike said...

The timing of this post is perfect. I was actually just listening to this 7 inch the other day, and since I only own the black vinyl pressing I got the itch to track down some colored vinyl for this. Maybe I'll actually make a move on it...