Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Hammered Hulls

When i was picking up a couple of Dischord releases a couple of weeks ago, I also decided to pick up the Hammered Hulls 7" that came out last year.

I downloaded these songs when this came out, and it is indeed a great record. But I didn't feel the need to buy it previously because, well, it LOOKS kinda boring. Black vinyl and a black and white cover and no insert is hardly a feast for the eyes.

I think the reason I changed my mind and picked one up is that I became aware that Dischord had sold out. Plus it was sat there in front of me for a pretty low price. So I just figured it would be best to grab one whilst I still could. I mean, who knows, maybe it'll never be repressed?

For anyone unaware, the band features Alec Mackaye (Faith, Ignition) on voice skills, and also some other people whose other bands I don't really know about playing musical instruments. And it rips. It's some good DC hardcore that for me sits nicely in the middle of the typical 80s & 90s DC sounds.

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Nico said...

It has been repressed two times already in the first year. I am pretty sure there will be another pressing very soon.