Wednesday, 1 April 2020


On the same theme as my last post, and from the same seller in the same lot, I also picked up another copy of the 6th in the series of 'In These Black Days' 7"s. This one features Neurosis and Soilent Green. I can take or leave the Neurosis song, but the Soilent Green song is great. It's a medley of 3 separate Black Sabbath songs in one. Somehow they fuse 'Lord of This World', 'Sign of the Southern Cross' and 'Disturbing the Priest', and it's utterly brilliant. Definitely one of the best songs across the series of six 7"s.

What has always puzzled me about this record is the names of the vinyl colours. I mean, this is clearly on a brown marble vinyl. However, this colour is referred to by the label as 'vomit'. It came in a poly bag with 'vomit' written on it, and judging from the fact that I got it from some dude who used to help run the label, I know this isn't a mix up. However, this record was also pressed on 'brown' vinyl.

This photo shows all 3 colours that were pressed of this one. So if the left copy (that I have just picked up) is 'vomit' then that makes the right copy 'brown'. Ridiculous huh?


Mike said...

Depends on what you've eaten.

Mike said...

I've never heard that mashup, and I'm sure that I'd hate it, but I'm intrigued to hear that version of those three songs together.