Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sun Return

When people collect and talk about Wishingwell Records releases, the main ones that come to mind are Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today and Insted. However, another great release on the label is an LP that was never actually released. The band Freewill recorded an LP called 'Sun Return' which got as far as test press stage, and then for some reason it never went any further. Everyone's favourite German label Lost & Found released it on CD, but if you want a vinyl copy then you're going to have to track down a test press, which is something I finally got around to recently. It comes in a plain white sleeve with a promo sheet taped on the front.

This is one of those records that I never thought that I would ever own. This doesn't pop up very often, and when it does it goes for a decent wedge. However, I don't actually think it's that rare. I would guess that this is one of those tests that doubled up as promo copies. I would guess there to be probably 50 of these out there. It's just a guess though.

So for whatever reason, after recording the LP the band changed their name to Stone Telling and re-recorded the songs and released the LP on Network Sound Records. I actually prefer the Stone Telling version, although I'm definitely in the minority. Most prefer the Freewill version. Anyway, last year I picked up a Stone Telling LP test press, which I think is probably rarer as I've never seen another, so I thought I'd photograph the two together.

If you've never heard either version of this record then you really need to fix that situation ASAP. This is a great melodic hardcore record. The promo sheet on the front says that this sounds like Dag Nasty, and it absolutely does. If you like the first two Dag Nasty LPs (and let'd be hoenst, who the hell doesn't?) then you need these songs in your life.

That's now 46 tests for anyone keeping count.


Nico said...

I really want that test pressing too. I love the demo even more.

whore said...

not that much of a minority. stone telling version kicks free will's ass