Sunday, 1 December 2013

Positive Youth

Sometimes when you miss something, you can wait a while and interest will fall away and you can pick it up cheap. Other times, the longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes. It's not always possible to tell which records are gonna go which way, but this one eluded me for so long that eventually I just had to stop waiting for a cheap copy to appear and pay up.

Youth Of Today 'Break Down The Walls' was repressed in 2001 on white vinyl. There were 400 copies on white vinyl, but somehow 60 of the covers were damaged during shipping, so the label decided to make up some covers for so that they could sell the records. They made up 60 covers on a weird black textured paper that was then stuck onto some unknown LP jackets. These things were then numbered out of 60 and sold at Posi Numbers 2002.

This picture shows something I'd never seen until I had a copy in my hands, which is that this sleeve is just made out of another sleeve turned inside out.

I remember back in about 2007 or 8 when Revelation sold one of these via their eBay account. I'm pretty sure that it went for about $63. I think I bid $62. After that one the price started going up every time one appeared. The last one to sell on eBay is listed on popsike as being almost a year ago and ending at $256. That's quite some jump. These don't sell too often. I'm guessing that this is because most of them have fallen into the hands of people like me, Doug and Geoff, who never sell anything. So it will be interesting to see what the next one of these that comes up goes for, whenever that may be. I'm interested to see whether the price I paid was sensible or stupid. I don't really care either way though. I'm just happy to have finally crossed this one off the wants list all these years later.

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Willem Termote said...

Glad you've finally have it! You were talking about this in numerous previous posts...