Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Descendents Bits & Bobs

Today I'm featuring a few new additions to the Descendents collection. Nothing too exciting. I'm just slowly chipping away at the block.

First up is a weird one. This was released on a label called Sessions Records back in 1997 and features two 'songs' recorded at the same time as the 'Everything Sucks' LP. The first song was a b-side song on another 7" - the 'When I Get Old' 7" (which I also picked up recently) and the flipside is an instrumental song that featured on the end of 'Everything Sucks' but as a 'secret' (un-named) song. So all in all this is a pretty pointless record.

Next up I bagged two extra copies of the 'Merican 7". I previously picked up a blue copy and a white copy, both of which were from the second press. I picked up a red vinyl copy, which is from the first press and is out of 522 copies:

I also picked up a clear blue copy. The blue vinyl was from the second press and is out of 218 copies.

The interesting thing about the blue vinyl is that there are different shades. I previously picked up a blue which was very dark clear blue. This new copy is a much lighter shade. Here are the two together which really shows the difference:

There are also some opaque baby blue copies out there. They seem rarer to me. I can tell it's going to be a tough find. I'm now looking for one of those too.

Finally, I picked up another color of the 'Bonus Fat' 12", this time on green vinyl. This is a repress from last year (or possibly the year before):

I picked up a grey vinyl copy almost a year ago. Here's the two together to show the colour difference:

I'm still in need of a blue vinyl copy of the 'Cool To Be You' LP. On the off chance that anyone reading this has one that they want to let go, get at me.

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