Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chinchilla Test

A dude on eBay sold a LOT of Revelation color vinyl a couple of months back. The seller was a guy who owns a record store called Standards Records. Turns out that the reason he had so much to sell was that he had bought someone's collection. Someone with a big collection who, in the mid 90s, used to work at Revelation. Whilst most people were fighting over the Into Another and Nerve Agents records, I had my eye on an item I figured nobody else would care about. Unsurprisingly, I won it, although it went for a little more than I expected. I think I paid $26 for it. At least one other person placed a bid on this, which surprised me. Anyway, it's a test press of an LP by a band called Chinchilla entitled '101 Italian Hits'.

It comes in a plain white sleeve, so here's the regular cover next to it just for fun.

This record was released by Revelation's 'sister label', Crisis Records, in about 1996. It's an LP that comes on a 12" and 7" format, so of course there are tests of both records included. This band has a female singer. It's quite poppy and is pretty much just indie rock. I never liked this as much as other female fronted bands (Ashes, Baby Gopal, Junction, Copper), but it's in the same ballpark so not sure why as I loved those other bands at the time.

That's 44 tests now. I'm counting this as one, not two. I'm not so desperate to hit my 52 target that I'm going to cheat.


Jake@Screaming For Records said...

Great pick up Marcus. I listened to this record only the other day for the first time in a long time.

Doug W said...

Ok, now you are just fucking around. Who the fuck buys a Chinchilla test?!?!?

You might as well just light money on fire. You would have more space in your house at least.


mcs said...

Says the man who bought a Sony Walkman and fuck knows how many tapes!