Saturday, 23 November 2013

You Can't Kill Us All

I ended up with this record and was disappointed. It's a second press copy of Coalesce 'Functioning On Impatience' on red/black marble (out of 110 copies). I love this band, I love this record and I did want this record, but winning it was still a disappointment.

The reason it wasn't quite as exciting as it should have been is because it was my second choice win. The same seller had a test press of this record up on eBay. I wanted that badly. I bid but came second. I had been watching it for days and the price wasn't that high really. I immediately wished I had bid more and was gutted to not win it. This was a nice consolation, but I imagine that every time I look at this record I will always think about that test that I didn't win.

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