Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Generations Test

So I mentioned a couple of tests languishing in my backlog, and here's one just in time for (ahem) 'Test Press Tuesday':

This is boring to look at, being a plain black record with plain white labels in a plain white paper dust sleeve. Other copies of this test that I have seen have all had a Revelation logo sticker on the dust sleeve. This one, alas, does not. I could put one on myself I suppose, but that would seem wrong. So instead I pulled out the regular record to make for a more interesting photo:

The 'Generations' compilation came out on Revelation back in 2005. I remember being stoked at the time for two reasons - firstly, the front cover and colour scheme seemed to be heavily influenced by the 'New York City Hardcore The Way It Is'. Secondly, it was pressed in the States, which was a big relief after the disgusting Judge discography pressed on shitty european vinyl (although after this record, Rev disappointed me by returning to the euro pressing plant for the next few releases). Aside from that though, this comp kinda missed the mark. Not sure why. I mean, it has some great bands of the time (Righteous Jams, Mental, Fucked Up, LOJ, Blacklisted, Mind Eraser, Cold World, etc) but for some reason it just felt unnecessary. My theory is that the 'NYCHCTWII' comp came about at the start of the era, whereas this comp came out at the end of an era. Still, regardless of how unsuccessful or pointless this record may have seemed, it does have some good songs on it.

43 tests done.


Mike said...

The thing that I like about this comp is that most of these songs (all of them?) are exclusive to this record.

Nico said...

I felt a bit disappointed too at that time. But recently I played it again and I realized it captured a lot of great bands from a few of the best years in hardcore for me. 2003/2004/2005.

reason said...

Good comp.
My test has handwriting on it (by Rev) and they included an error in doing so...
Other ones all seem to be blank labels?