Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rot In Hell

I picked up a couple of Rot In Hell records recently. Gaps in the collection, if you will. The band have been fairly quiet for a while which always helps with collecting records as people seem to forget and move on to whatever the latest band of the moment is. I didn't buy these from Joe Public though. These came direct from the band.

First up, the second press of the 'Pearls Before Swine' LP on no frills black vinyl. I wasn't overly into the colours chosen for the first press, so I think this second press on black looks best.

The second record is a test press of the split with Vegas. This was released by Organized Crime Records as a 6" record, but the test press comes on a 7" with about half an inch of dead wax around the edge. Pretty cool.

I think I now have a full compliment of this one. The test, the black vinyl sealed in a black envelope, and the red and yellow vinyl.

For anyone who's counting (which is me) that's now 38 tests this year. 14 more needed to hit the target with only 14 weeks of the year left. Seems increasingly unlikely.


geoff said...

were counting on you to make this happen. 52!

Daniel Smith said...

Not the most exciting but there's a Pines of Nowhere test on ebay for $20 BIN if you want to get closer to your goal!