Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nancy Loves Walter And Mike

I started last month with a Youth Of Today record, and I'm doing the same again this month. That's the beauty of Youth Of Today LPs - there are so many that even seasoned collectors can carry on collecting these things for years. This is one variant that I only realised that I didn't have a couple of months ago - the first pressing on Revelation. This one was black vinyl only, with the first pressing identifiable by the blue and yellow labels.

I've had a Revelation copy for years. In fact, my Rev copy was the first copy of this album that I ever owned. I probably bought it in 1993, taped it to listen to on my walkman, and then never played it again. Recently i took it out of it's sleeve to find that it didn't have the blue and yellow labels. Instead, it had the 'photograph' labels. I always thought I had the blue and yellow label copy, but no, it would appear not. So I made a mental note to pick one up if I saw one, and recently I spotted a copy on eBay UK which I won with one bid. Very efficiently done.

There's not much else to say, so I thought I'd fill the rest of this post with a few photos that show the difference between the first press with blue and yellow labels and the second press with photograph labels. Enjoy...

It is commonly believed that there are two pressings of this one. However, Dobek has found a third variant - a blue and yellow labelled copy with a different matrix. Check out his awesome BDTW pressing info page if you are interested.

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chris said...

Crap! Now I have to check the matrix on my copy.