Sunday, 22 September 2013

Casket Lottery New(ish) 7"

Anyone remember The Casket Lottery? They were one of my favourite bands of the early 00s. Not just mine either. When I first met Bane when they stayed at my house back in the year 2000, Bedard was rattling on about the The Casket Lottery's 'Moving Mountains' being the best LP of the year (and just for reference, he named the first American Nightmare as the best 7"). I'm not sure exactly when The Casket Lottery broke up, but it feels like it's been a LONG time. I think the last release I got by them was probably in about 2003. Wow.

Well all good things come to those who wait, and they seem to now be back and putting out records. This 7" came out on No Sleep Records last year. I won one of these white vinyl 'Subscription Series' copies on eBay months ago along with their new LP, but the parcel got lost in the mail. Eventually, however, another came along at a reasonable price, so I bagged it.

This white vinyl copy is limited to 200 copies and was only available as part of the label's subscription series, where you pay a load of money and get sent limited pressings of new releases that come out in the year. Kind of a good idea from the label's point of view I guess. Anyway, the best thing is not getting the most limited colour, but the obi-strip.

I wasn't sure I'd be into this band in this day and age, but I shouldn't have doubted The Casket Lottery. The new material is great and pretty much picks up where they left off years ago. I have the LP coming in the mail and I can't wait.

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