Monday, 16 September 2013

Land Speed Record

I first heard Husker Du back in 1991 when I was 16. They had a song on the Blind Skateboards legendary film 'Video Days'. The song was 'Real World' and, like most good hardcore tunes, is a fast, rough sounding song. A year or so later some kid at school leant me a Husker Du CD and, to be frank, I thought it sucked. It was slow and kinda wussy. I wrote the band off as shit and life carried on. Well, wouldn't you know it, twenty years later and I've realised my mistake and I'm slowly picking up their records. Here's the latest. A green vinyl pressing of 'Land Speed Record' on SST Records.

This is actually a pretty poor record in my opinion. It's a live record and the sound quality isn't great. Still, it's an SST color vinyl record. I'll gladly take it.

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