Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gold TV Party

I'm pretty happy to have bagged another colour vinyl Black Flag 7". This time it's 'TV Party' on gold to go nicely with the red and orange copies I already have.

This copy is in great condition and I'm very happy to have tracked this one down. This is how I like collecting. Slowly adding one at a time every now and again. None of this buying everything in a couple of weeks malarky. Now I only have four more coloured Flag 7"s to find - two 'Nervouse Breakdown' and two colours of 'Six Pack'. They'll come. Eventually.

So I also bought a couple of other small 7"s from the same seller as they were both pretty cheap. The Guilt 'Empty' 7" on Initial Records was definitely one of the first 50 7"s I owned. I always liked this band, and I always wondered whether the cover was supposed to be a 90s take on the Minor Threat 7", complete with baggy jeans and hair. This version comes on white vinyl and in a blue sleeve. I also have white vinyl in a red sleeve.

I also grabbed this Set To Explode 7" on white. This was one of the best records of the 2006 era, and even though I have three copies I somehow missed this later pressing on white.

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